Could The Exante Diet be the weight loss plan you've been looking for?

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Just when you thought you knew about every diet out there - think again! The Exante Diet is gaining more and more popularity by the day amongst those looking to lose weight, and it already has a celebrity following.

Finding a diet plan is no easy task, with dieters looking for speedy and effective solutions to their weight loss worries. Meal replacement plans have long been popular amongst those looking for dramatic results, and the Exante Diet is the latest plan to join Cambridge diet and SlimFast in the meal replacement world.

What is the Exante Diet?

The low-calorie meal replacement plan, which offers a range of options depending on the participant's BMI, promises dramatic results fast thanks to its easy to follow low-calorie meal options, portion control and encouragement to exercise.

The aim of the Exante Diet is for your body to go into a state of 'ketosis'. This is when your body consumes fewer calories than it requires, meaning that within two to four days your body will start to burn its fat reserves to produce the energy you need to function.

What diet plans do they offer?

There are five plans on the Exante Diet:

Very low calories diet (VLCD) plans
  • Total Solution (600kcals)
  • Total Plus (700kcals)

Low calorie diet (LCD) plans
  • The Man Plan (800-850kcals)
  • Working Solution (1000kcals)
  • Simple Solution (1200kcals)

Meals cost from 63p each with next day delivery.

Who's it good for?

The diet is good for anyone looking to either lose a lot of weight on a calorie controlled diet, or if you're just looking to manage your diet with their low-calorie options. According to the website, whether you have 2 pounds or 10 stone to lose, the diet has a range of flexible, easy-to-follow, weight-management and weight-loss plans.

The Exante Diet already has a celebrity following, including Frankie Essex from The Only Way Is Essex and now X Factor winner Sam Bailey. The new mum, who gave birth to daughter Miley in September 2014, had been feeling self-conscious about her weight, even facing nasty comments about her appearance from Twitter trolls.

Sam Bailey, who gave birth to daughter Miley last September, has reportedly lost two and a half stone on the plan

'I have always been thin but piled weight on after having children. When I was pregnant with Miley I ate like a horse. I'm a great believer in eating what you want when pregnant as if you are craving something, that means your body wants it. But you have to accept you will have to work hard afterwards to get it off,' she told Mail Online.

Sam revealed the biggest battle was overcoming her love of carbs. 'It was like taking a dummy from a baby,' she admitted. By signing up for the Exante Diet and following it for three months, she hoped following a diet plan would help her become more disciplined about food.

The 38-year-old mum of three has since dropped from dress size 18 to 12 and lowered her weight from 13st 1lb to 10st 10lb after starting the low-calorie diet plan and taking up cycling. 'The diet made me think about food is a different way and appreciate food more. I am off the diet now so I could have loads of carbs but I don't want to,' she said.

'I have have changed my portion sizes and I'm making healthier choices when it comes to snacks. I don't want to pile weight back on again, I want to maintain it.'

Who's the diet bad for?

Very low calorie diets such as the Exante Diet are only recommended for those with a high BMI who are receiving supervision. They're also not meant to be kept up for a long period of time, as dieters may start to feel side effects such as fatigue, nausea, constipation and diarrhoea.

You will start to feel the side effects after four weeks of doing a low calorie diet plan, so make sure you speak to your doctor first if you're thinking about undertaking a drastic diet.

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What does a typical day on the diet look like?

Diets can choose from a range of milkshake flavours (and they don't look bad!)

Total Solution: If you have a BMI of 25+, the Total Solution is a 600 calorie-a-day plan consisting of three or four meals a day using meal-replacement diet products (food packs) instead of normal everyday food.
Total Plus: This diet plan is the same as Total Solution but allows dieters an extra 100 calories a day of 'normal food' (to be chosen from a recommended list).
The Man Plan: This plan provides 800 calories per day, where you can eat three 200 calorie Exante Diet meals and then have a choice of either a 200-calorie high protein conventional meal from a suggested list, or a fourth Exante Diet meal.
Working Solution: This plan allows dieters 1,000 calories a day, using three meal-replacement diet products (food packs) plus an extra 400 calories of normal everyday food from a recommended list.
Simple Solution: The final plan, for those with a BMI of 20+, is 1,200 calories of meal-replacement diet products (food packs) plus an extra 600 calories of normal everyday food from a recommended list of food.


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I love this diet - i've lost over 2 stone recently eating their bars (3 a day). Choc orange bar is delicious! Exante keep their products affordable with loads of good bundle offers on all the time and they deliver excellent customer service. I hardly ever review products and services but Exante really do deliver!

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