Christmas jumper causes outrage after 'making fun' of OCD

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OCD Christmas jumper
Of all of the things that are likely to cause outrage, a Christmas jumper wouldn't normally be top of the list - but a new design from American brand Target has caused uproar online after appearing to 'make fun' of mental illness.

Twitter user Amy tweeted Target after seeing a jumper with a design that read 'OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder' in one of their stores.

'Hey @Target OCD is a real disease not a joke,' she wrote. 'I don't see any shirts making fun of cancer - why #mentalillness?'

The message got more than 100 retweets, and Target quickly responded, claiming that the jumper was never meant to upset or stigmatise those with mental illness.

'It's never our intention to offend anyone! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and will forward it to leadership,' they tweeted back.

'Please do - this shirt makes a joke out of a disease that impacts over 3 million people - it's nothing to joke about,' she responded.

Amy wasn't the only one to spot the jumper in store and contact Target with her complaints:^tfw
However, the response online has since spiralled, and whilst many tweeters agree that the jumper has gone too far, others, some of whom have OCD themselves, are telling Amy and her fellow posters to 'lighten up' and not take the message so seriously.

'Calm down, it's not that serious. I have battled OCD alongside my mother my whole life, and I find this hilarious,' one commented, whilst another added 'why cant you lighten up and not be offended by everything!!!!'

In an email to TIME, who contacted the brand for comment, Target say that they apologise for any offence caused, but have no plans to remove the jumper from their stores at this time.

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What's your take: is the jumper offensive to those with OCD, or a simple slogan that's been taken the wrong way? Use the comment box below to let us know your thoughts.

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I think there are both offensive and non-offensive ways to joke about something. This sweater strikes me as the latter. And humor can definitely be a good coping mechanism. Best wishes for your friend.


No one is complaining or belittling OCD. As for no one mocks cancer, I do. My friend who has cancer regularly does. It's his coping mechanism. Laugh more. Life is easier if you consider the whole thing a giant cosmic joke.


Nicky i do have OCD & I am human. I will not let my disease run my life which you appear to be doing. This jumper is hilarious! my OCD means i spend hrs putting my cd's, dvds & books in alphabetical order, scrubbing my toilets 12x plus a day. washing clean clothes if they even graze the floor before i put them away, getting up at night every 45mins to make sure the house is secure etc BUT I WILL NOT LET IT DICTATE MY LIFE


I suffer from OCD and I do find the sweater offensive. It's making fun of a serious mental illness. There's nothing funny about OCD, it's extremely debilitating. Imagine if the sweater was poking fun of diabetes or cancer. There would be outrage. Why should a mental illness be any different?


I have a good sense of humour, but not when it comes to my OCD. My illness is not a joke!


LOL that's not OCD!! You don't have OCD, so why would you be offended by such a sweater?!


I find it hard to believe that people have nothing better to do than moan about a slogan on a jumper! Ok, people do have mental illnesses but they are also human and understand humour. I think it's the people who are offended easily and nothing to do with the words on the jumper.


Just a storm in a teacup as usual. It's true. Most of us DO suffer from OCD over Christmas! I know I do - aside from my compulsion to go round the house at least three times before I go to bed, checking that all electrical appliances are switched off, all doors are locked and bolted, and the fridge and freezer doors are firmly closed, but am I offended by this shirt? NO!!

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