Jennifer Ellison's husband celebrates her weight loss in 'special message' on Loose Women

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Jennifer Ellison Rob Tickle Loose Women
Jennifer Ellison's husband Rob has praised her sensible attitude to weight loss after she revealed she'd recently shed more than a stone.

The pair appeared on a episode of Loose Women together, with Rob saying he had a 'special message' for the Dance Mums UK star.

'I think what she's doing is amazing, but I don't want you to go too far,' he explained to the ITV panel. 'I think she has looked for a quick fix sometimes but she's done it properly this time.'

A relieved Jennifer laughed: 'I thought you were going to divorce me!'

The pair said that they'd been working out together, and felt the regime had given a new lease of life, both for themselves and their three sons.

Earlier this week, the mum-of-three shared a picture of herself to her Instagram account, dressed in an all-black outfit that showed off her trimmer figure.

'Know Ive still got a long way to go but starting to see results and it feels so good! she Another 7 inches of body fat lost on measurement day today!!' she wrote. 'Total weight lost since the end of Nov 1stone 2 lbs. Just another 1stone 2lbs to go! Oh and the hubbys lost a stone too! 😁💪👍💑'

At the beginning of the year, Jennifer appeared on Discovery's Celebrity Fat Fighters, alongside The X Factor's Stevi Richie and EastEnders actor Riley Carter-Millington - and she's been maintaining her hard work since the cameras stopped rolling, telling the Loose Women that she'd recently been on a detox retreat.

'[Breakfast was] one raisin... a slice of apple and then a four-mile walk,' she said adding that she'd snacked on 'grated carrot and cabbage with apple vinegar on'.

Jennifer added: "We were training really hard too... What it does it is kick starts you and makes you think "I don't need what I'm eating". I was absolutely flabbergasted by how little calories we need to function.'

'I was neglecting myself for my children,' she added of her previous weight gain. 'But a woman at the retreat said it was like being on a plane. Before you put your child’s oxygen mask on, you have to do your own, so you have to look after yourself to look after your children.'

Celebrity Fat Fighters wasn't the 33 year old's first time overhauling her lifestyle on TV - in January 2016, she shed one-and-a-half stone after cutting sugar out of her diet while taking part in ITV's Sugar Free Farm.

At the time, she admitted that she could previously drink up to eight cans of Coke a day - a habit which caused her weight to rise to 14 stone.

'I really neglected myself and took no time for myself at all, and I didn't look after my fitness or my health,' Jennifer explained.

'I consumed a lot of sugar with sweets and chocolate. It just kept me going through the day when I'm really busy.

'But the worst thing for me was cans of Coke. I'd have six to eight cans of Coke a day, which is terrible. You don't think about sugar in a drink. You think it's not that bad because it's liquid, but it's actually worse.'

In a typical day, Jennifer said she would reach for a can of fizzy drink for breakfast, followed by another can with sweets like jelly beans or a Mars bar for lunch.

'People can say they are a drug addict or an alcoholic but if you say you're addicted to sugar you get laughed at. But it's actually causing a greater problem for people and the NHS.

'It was just really shocking and quite disturbing when you're confronted with it and the consequences of it and what could happen.

'The thing was, I wasn't even really eating a lot. I was just snacking on rubbish. I wasn't actually sitting down and eating pizza or a big roast. It was just wasted calories.'

Jennifer, pictured on ITV show Sugar Free Farm, used to drink up to eight cans of cola a day

Jennifer managed to tackle her addiction to the sweet stuff by taking part in Sugar Free Farm, which follows a group of celebrities giving up sugar while living on a farm for two weeks to grow and enjoy their own fresh, healthy produce.

However, it wasn't an easy process, and her withdrawal symptoms were so debilitating that at one point, she needed medical attention.

'I got hit the hardest with withdrawal, as my sugar intake was the highest', she recalls.

'I was picking carrots on the farm and every time I bent down I felt like someone was standing on my eyeballs. I felt physically sick.

'I had the worst headache I've ever, ever felt. If you've ever detoxed, take that feeling and times it by 10. We were detoxing from processed food, sugar, alcohol, everything.

'My sugar was the highest intake out of everyone taking part, which was really disturbing. It made me feel quite sick actually.'

Jennifer, pictured in September 2015, is no stranger to a celebrity diet

Jennifer, who is married to boxer Rob Tickle, now says the lifestyle changes she learned on the show have not only benefited her but her entire family.

'It's educated me about making the right choices as a wife and a mum. I've learnt more about cooking and looking after myself.

'I've continued to lose weight since I left the farm. I've lost over a stone-and-a-half so far and I feel so much better about myself. I'm also making proper time for myself.'

She added that there are now no fizzy drinks at all in the Tickle household.

'My intake of sugar has dropped by 90 per cent. I haven't eliminated it altogether but I've made massive changes.

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'It's definitely changing. When you lose a stone-and-a-half you feel better health-wise but I'm feeling better about myself physically now too.'

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