Tom Kerridge on how turning 40 helped him shift a whopping 11 stone

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Tom Kerridge Weight Loss
Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge has lost a staggering 11 stone in the past two and a half years, and now he's opened up about his strict diet and why his former job on The Great British Bake Off professional series Bake Off: Crème de la Crème made it even harder.

Well, sadly but obviously, he never allowed himself to eat any of the cake. You read that right - none of the delicious cakes, pastries, pies, puddings or breads featured on the show, and we're just as baffled as you.

However, it's this kind of dedication that's seen Tom drop a whopping 11 stone in two and a half years. We take a look at the rest of his incredible weight loss secrets!

Finding a focus

So, how does one man have such willpower? Speaking on This Morning, Tom explained that a milestone birthday proved all the motivation he needed to stay on top of his diet goals.

'I've lost over 10 stone in two and a half years. It's been a lifestyle change, a process,' he said.

'I was approaching my 40th birthday and that's the point you look at what you've achieved and start analysing where you're going and where you wanna be in the future and you start thinking... so yeah, I made a big lifestyle change.'

No carbs

Speaking to Radio Times in 2016, Tom, now 42, revealed that he'd given up alcohol and cut back on carbs.

'Carbs are a big thing. The more you understand it and the more you look into it, you see that there are so many carbohydrates involved in sugar as well.'

Talking about his time filming, Tom added: 'I was very well behaved. I wasn't a judge, they were the guys who had to judge it and eat it and test it.'

No alcohol

Tom earned his Michelin stars through his pub the Hand and Flowers, and explained that as well as sweet treats and carbs he also cut alcohol from his diet to ditch the pounds. He said, 'I own pubs and, you know, I'm quite good at tasting.

'So I knocked all booze on the head. Stopped drinking, went completely teetotal.

'I went, right, I'm not drinking. That's it. No more. Then for Christmas my wife Beth bought me tickets to go and see a live band once a month. So I said, I'll have a drink on those nights. But it petered out pretty much after that and now I don't miss it.

'Every now and then I think, "I could have a drink," and then I just think, "There's no point; I won't have one".'

So, no wine and no cake? We don't think we'll be joining Tom anytime soon but we can't help but admire him.

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But if you're stronger than us, Tom is planning to share some more of his new healthy eating secrets in his new diet cookbook, Tom Kerridge's Dopamine Diet: My low-carb, stay-happy way to lose weight, which is out early this year.

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Penny miller

Well done Tom for losing 8 stone,don't know how you found the willpower working in pubs and doing cooking shows. I could use some of that willpower to loose a few stone.congrats and no putting it back on.

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