Kerry Katona shows off INCREDIBLE 2 stone weight loss and reveals her diet and exercise secrets

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Kerry Katona weight loss
Mum of five Kerry Katona, 35, has dropped an incredible two stone since Christmas.

The former Atomic Kitten star had promised to shift the pounds for the launch of her new slimming plan KFIT Kerry Nutrition, and she seems to have stuck to her goals.

Kerry showed off her svelte new figure in a shoot for OK! magazine where she revealed she had dropped three dress sizes, saying, 'My size 10 jeans are too big now so I'm about a size 8 and I was a size 14 before.'

Here are a few of her diet and exercise secrets that you can try at home...

It's about a mindset, not a figure

In a comment that will resonate with a lot of women Kerry admitted that her healthy new approach to life wasn't so much about the end result, but more about changing her mindset towards her body in the long term, and learning to love herself.

Speaking to OK! she said 'This isn't about my body, this is all to do with my mindset. I could be a size 14 and feel great.'

And having tweeted her promise to slim down to her 470K Twitter following, while encouraging them to work alongside her, Kerry had quite the incentive to keep going!

Try a new exercise approach

Kerry has previously revealed that her weight loss journey started with using CrossFit gym workouts.

Going beyond a normal gym their plans include eating plenty of lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds – and cutting out all sugar. All of this is to be measured so that it 'supports exercise but not body fat.'

For the workout part of the regime CrossFit gym members are encouraged to do a range of physical activity, ranging from running and swimming to squats, deadlifts and gymnastics.

Kerry has been known to try various diets in the past, including a no sugar diet and a healthy eating plan by The Sun that encourages dieters to stick to meals under 400 calories.

Limit alcohol

Kerry's revealed that she does in fact try to limit her booze intake. She explained, 'I don't drink during the week. If I'm going on a night out I'll drink, but I don't go out very often.'

In a previous interview with Closer Kerry said 'I blame alcohol - all the sugar gives me a booze belly,' before admitting at the time that she felt 'a lot sexier walking round the bedroom' in her underwear following her booze-ban.

Up your protein intake

Kerry's new KFIT Nutrition range includes plenty of protein products so we can only assume Kerry herself has been using them to slim down. From protein bars and shakes to fat metabolisers and green tea detoxes, her weight loss aids are quite the collection.

It's thought that protein is good for helping you get your desired figure because it supports muscle growth. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues, so it works by helping your body recover after a gym session or periods of intense exercise.

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