'Crying like a baby' Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt reveals results of two stone weight loss

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Scarlett Moffatt shows off weight loss
Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt has revealed that her weight loss has left her 'crying like a baby' in a post on Instagram.

The 25 year old has been taking to social media to show off her incredible slimmer look, after setting out to overhaul her lifestyle and become healthier. To celebrate her two stone weight loss she posted a 'before and after' throw back picture to show the difference between her size 16 and size 10 self.

Feeling emotional over her achievement, Scarlett captioned the snap 'Crying like a baby today, can't believe I've lost two stone. Feel so proud. Honestly if a professional couch potato can do it, anyone can!'

The Channel 4 star, who appears alongside her mum and dad on the show, has been undergoing a total transformation after a trip to the doctors revealed her BMI was in 'the danger zone' and she was pre-diabetic. After signing a weight loss DVD deal, due out this Christmas, Scarlett has been dedicated to losing weight - and the results are certainly beginning to show!

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Scarlett revealed her slimmer frame on Instagram in August

We take a look at her weight-loss journey, from her takeaway addiction all the way through to her new-found love of exercise!

Scarlett on her food weaknesses

The star previously revealed that she was battling a takeaway addiction, often eating doner kebabs more than once every week.

In an interview with Now magazine, the reality star said she couldn't resist doner meat, admitting, 'truthfully, I have it maybe once or twice a week', and that she can eat 'a week's worth of calories' in one sitting.

Scarlett on exercise

Although partial to a treat now and then, 25-year-old Scarlett said she was balancing out her calorific dinners with plenty of workout sessions, and that her 'superfit' boyfriend Luke Crodden has been keeping her spirits up in the gym.

Scarlett showing off the results of her hard work at an event in London, in July

'I've just started exercising quite a bit actually. I'd say I do HIT [High Intensity Training] about three times a week,' she explains.

'My boyfriend is super-fit so it's good having him on side because he's quite motivated.'

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Scarlett on her health

The Gogglebox star first opened up about her struggles with her weight after a now infamous trip to the doctors almost reduced her to tears.

'I knew I was overweight but when I went to the doctor for a check up, she said: "You're obese",' Scarlett told Closer magazine. 'I was really shocked; I almost cried. She explained my BMI was in the danger zone, I was "pre-diabetic".'

The TV favourite, who used to be a semi-professional ballroom dancer, went from a size 6 to a 16, and 'couldn't remember' the last time she worked out.

'I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I can't even remember the last time I exercised,' she said. 'I stopped [dancing] when I was a student and discovered alcohol and kebabs.'

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'There's a point where you think, "I'm okay the size I am", but when it starts affecting your health, you need to pull your finger out,' she added to the Belfast Telegraph.

'When I was super-fit, I used to do loads of workouts in the house, because you can do it whenever you want. I'm definitely going to have to find something.'

Scarlett on her body confidence

Despite her positive attitude, Scarlett says that the comments about the weight can get her down - especially when they impact her family life.

'There are odd ones, mostly men, who criticise me about my weight and my size and say I'm ugly. I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't hurt sometimes. People are brutal. They forget that people on telly are actually real people. It upsets my mum and dad. I'm quite a strong character, but it breaks my heart for them.'

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'My mum's cried at stuff she's read about me, so I end up putting on a brave face, because I don't want her to be upset. People have said, "You're that fat, you should just go and die". I think, "Jesus Christ, I'm not a bad person". It's horrible.'

Scarlett recently had to defend herself publicly from a series of such comments, thanking her fans for their support when a journalist attacked her appearance with a scathing column, after stating that she needed to 'sort herself out and lose weight' following the doctors visit.

However, despite her vow to improve her health due to the aforementioned diabetes scare, she was then cruelly mocked by The Sun's Kelvin Mackenzie, who made a string of jokes about Scarlett's looks.

'It appears Ms Moffatt has not only sat on the tuffet but eaten it as well,' he wrote in a column which declared that Scarlett was 'no role model for young girls'.

'As part of the publicity surrounding her upcoming book — a certainty for the New York Times best sellers list, don't you think? — she reveals her weight has ballooned to the point where her doctor warned she could develop Type 2 diabetes.'

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'It's all that sitting on the sofa. Perhaps she should sue Channel Four.

'Ms Moffatt reveals that the doc also said her BMI was too high. He didn't have the courage to mention her BMB — Bloody Massive Bum.'

Unsurprisingly, shocked fans were quick to jump to Scarlett's defence.

'Getting kind of sick of old fat white men writing ignorant gross articles complaining about successful curvy women,' one tweeted, while another added, 'Imagine living in a world where Kelvin Mackenzie can decide who is and isn't a role model 😂. Keep it up Scarlett. Nice One.'

One simply declared, '@ScarlettMoffatt is a wonderful role model for young people and especially for young women. Kelvin Mackenzie, you're talking sh*t mate.'

Scarlett responded to the flurry of comments, replying to her 311,000 followers, 'Thanks everyone for all the amazing tweets. Don't worry I'm a tough cookie, lovely to know people care X'

Scarlett's never been one to shy away from honesty about her body hang-ups, having previously told Heat magazine that she'd love to have breast reduction surgery.

'They're cleaning my shoes! I want them pulled up and made smaller. I get a bad back, they're so big,' she told the mag.

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'They're a G-cup now, and I'd love them to be a D-cup. I definitely think I'll do it in the next couple of years, I would like to try to lose a bit of weight first, to see if they go down naturally.'

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