GoodtoRead Book Of The Month: The Girls by Lisa Jewell review

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GoodtoRead Book Of The Month: The Girls by Lisa Jewel review

What is The Girls about?

Following a fire, a young mum and her two daughters are forced to leave their home in Hampstead to move to a quiet terrace of houses where the neighbours are all connected by their communal garden. After one of the girls is found unconscious in the square, the book tracks the months before and begins to unfold events leading up to that night. With their secrets, suspicions and shady behaviour - no one seems to know what is really happening in the garden or what could have happened on that awful night.

GoodtoKnow says...

Ultimately, the novel tells of the pressures and changes that teenagers often face and the struggles of modern family life. The gripping tale is told with a dark, underlying tone throughout, and will have you totally hooked.

Rating: 9/10
Author Lisa Jewell
Publisher: Arrow
Release date: Out now
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I absolutely loved this book. Lisa Jewell never fails to amaze me with the excellent stories. This is such a heartwarming story, also has some scary moments and a very warm family and close knit community style story. I would recommend this to anyone that loves lisa Jewell books and also those that are new - would give you a great insight into her books.

Ashley Ransome

I have just read the sample chapter - intriguing. Off now to buy the book.

olive concannon

I have read most of Lisa Jewells books and always enjoy them, this is no exception, beautifully written with many twist and turns, a real page turner that keep you guessing to the end.

jane miller

Difficult to access from the snippet here, but seems like a good story and I'd love the chance to read the whole thing!

Teresa Starr

Not read it yet!!

Laura Burdekin

Not read this yet but definitely sounds like a book I'd love! Will happily review if I am lucky enough to win a free copy :-)

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