'Now some say I'm wrinkly and too thin' Tina Malone hits back at body-shaming online trolls

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Tina Malone
Tina Malone has been at the centre of controversy on social media, after revealing the extent of her dramatic 12 stone weight loss during an appearance on This Morning.

Appearing on the show to discuss her own weight loss problems and the issues surrounding child obesity, Tina has since received harsh online criticism on Twitter for her opinion and appearance, which she has now spoken out about.

Known for her role in TV show Shameless, Tina surprised This Morning viewers when she appeared on the show looking very different to how many fans remembered her. The mum has spoken openly about using a few different methods to gradually lose a dramatic 12 stone over the last six years, and even though the weight issues of Britain's youngest were on the agenda, viewers were much more interested in Tina.

Tina spoke to hosts Eamon and Ruth about her struggles with maintaining a healthy size during the segment on the show.

She said of her previous obesity, 'I injected insulin for 22 years. I was clinically and morbidly obese. I was on amlodipine and lisinopril for heart and blood pressure. I was taking 38 tablets a day for 19 years.

'Being obese is a disease, it's the psychological problems that take you to a place where you overeat. People need to be helped. For some people, they need a gastric band on the NHS'.

On her weight loss journey Tina has had a gastric band fitted, cosmetic surgery, as well as adopting a new healthy lifestyle. After having her gastric band in 2010, the actress last year underwent £50,000 of surgery to remove excess skin.

However, Tina is still not happy with her dress size, saying that she wishes to lose another 10 pounds.

Viewers were quick to tweet in to the show, blasting her after she admitted she would tell a friend or family member if their child was fat, and criticising her appearance.

One wrote: 'OMG! That's Tina Malone??! What has she done to herself!', another said: 'Tina Malone's face!!! Wtf is going on!!! #thismorning' and another added: 'What has happened to Tina Malone? She looks like a skeleton!'^tfw

Tina, however, was quick to hit back at the public and some press in a series of tweets, picking up on how her comments had been misconstrued and the comments on her looks.

'for the first time ever i feel i have been wronged,misrepresented and made to sound like a dragon,i may look ugly,like a dragon,old,fat, and now some say wrinkly and too thin i can take all the stick for my looks 24 7,iv never been pretty,attractive etc,but bein falsely accused is too much,i am not backtracking,but let me make my point clearly,i WOULD NEVER BODYSHAME A CHILD,OR ANYONE UNDER 18'

Tina went on to say that her comments had been taken out of context and she of all people would understand 'how bein bullied or mocked for bein fat feels'.

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