'I can see bones creeping out of the skin' Scarlett Moffatt slammed by followers for latest selfie

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Scarlett Moffatt
It seems that not a day goes by when Scarlett Moffatt's weight loss isn't in the news.

The Gogglebox star, 26, has shed over three stone in recent months, after revealing last year that doctors told her that her BMI was in 'the danger zone' and she was pre-diabetic.

With a fitness DVD out and a string of impressive presenting deals in the pipeline, Scarlett's one busy lady!

But not all of the comments about her weight loss journey have been positive. Some of Scarlett's fans had a few things to say about her most recent selfie, which features the 26 year old smiling and looking glam.

Sporting a slicked-back hair do and deep plum lipstick, Scarlett was showing off her new slimmed down look at a photo shoot.

Instagram users criticised Scarlett for her weight loss claiming 'I can see too much bones creeping out of the skin' and that 'DVDs are not the way to promote losing weight'.

One Instagram user who claimed to work for the NHS voiced concerns that just an exercise DVD without a healthy eating plan is an unhealthy message to promote, writing, 'DVDs are not the way to promote losing weight without a healthy food programme it's a combination, I work for the NHS, and just working out does not make anyone lose weight'

The user continued, 'Scarlett and the rest who promote their DVDs to make money to have a lavish life should be honest about her programme losing weight how they started their diets from the beginning not just showing her skinny figure now, it's not being truthful to all especially teenagers who r more influenced to looking like a skeleton.'

Another user warned Scarlett that losing weight could even contribute to baldness and other health issues, 'I can see too much bones creeping out of the skin, not appealing nor sexy at all, a woman's sweetness is their curvaceous figure with skin, Scarlett I'm sure is more motivated to be a celebrity and to sell millions, being far too skinny and no fats in diet can be detrimental to yr heath especially with osteoarthritis, baldness, etc.'

This isn't the first time Scarlett has received backlash for her new look.

Back in Autumn last year, Scarlett shared a pouting mirror selfie on Instagram, showing off her cheekbones and slim face. Dressed in a ditsy flower patterned blouse, she showed off her great style.

Bye bye summer mermaid hair, hello shiny natural hair!! ð’ð½ thank you @englishhairromance @easilockshair I love it ðâ¤ï¸ï¸

A photo posted by S C A R L E T T 𑽠(@scarlett_moffatt) on

But some followers felt that the star's transformation has been a bit too drastic, commenting with fears for her health.

One user commented, 'You look beautiful but stop losing weight! xx' while another agreed, 'Be careful about your weight my lovely keep well xx'.

Some Instagram users even seemed to criticise Scarlett for looking as though she had undergone plastic surgery, and changing her appearance even more. One user commented, 'She's had so much work done to her face. It's awful. You looked way better natural' while another compared her to Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore.'

But despite negative comments from haters, many of Scarlett's fans were there to encourage her, writing supportive comments such as, 'You look amazing @scarlett_moffatt .. people are quick enough to tell people they are loosing to much weight, but don't give enough of a fuck to let you know when you are putting it on! Jealousy is an ugly thing. You do you.'

Same resting bitch face... Just less of it ð 2 stone down woo!! #Gogglebox

A photo posted by S C A R L E T T 𑽠(@scarlett_moffatt) on

With the help of personal trainer boyfriend Luke Crodden, Scarlett has been completing HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts and cutting down on junk food and takeaways - although she did confess to Now magazine that she still loves the odd kebab, saying: 'truthfully, I have it maybe once or twice a week'.

Obviously happy with the results of her efforts, she's been busy showing off snaps of her svelte new figure on Instagram for a while now, despite the negative comments from followers.

#shabby #chic #vintage #floral

A photo posted by S C A R L E T T 𑽠(@scarlett_moffatt) on

'Scarlett be careful please dont go too skinny you looked amazing before. Obviously you are still beautiful but take care,' one fan wrote on an Instagram post a few weeks ago, whilst another added,'She looked better with her curves'.

'Going too skinny now...😱' a third commenter exclaimed. reading the critical comments, other fans were quick to jump to the reality star's defence.

'This girl can't win!! You look absolutely amazing @scarlett_moffatt well done on your weight loss, always happy to read you still enjoy your treats!!' one commenter retaliated.

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Another agreed: 'She hasn't disappeared; she's the same gorgeous and bubbly girl she always was. She's happier in her own skin now and looks great. That's what motivation looks like! Well done @scarlett_moffatt 😘'

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