The best Christmas crackers for 2016

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Christmas crackers have most definitely evolved from the paper hat and joke fillers we're all used to pulling apart on the big day.

From musical crackers, to pampering crackers, and even to crackers filled with shots, just like advent calendars, crackers these days can be filled with just about anything, and some are so fancy, they'd do perfectly fine as a Christmas gift on their own!

We've done some digging and found the best crackers for Christmas 2016 - this lot will definitely make sure that dinner goes off with a bang!

The best table crackers 2016

Soap & Glory What A Cracker!

£16 for six, available now at Boots

What a cracker indeed. Or actually, six, because that's how many you get for just £16! Soap & Glory have mini versions of their top pampering products inside each one, such as The Scrub Of Your Life body butter, Hand Food hand cream, and the Heel Genius foot cream. Such a treat!

Drinks by the Dram Gin Crackers

£39.95 for six, available now from Amazon and Master of Malt

Designed to make your Christmas dinner go down a lot smoother, these crackers are perfect for any gin aficionado. Each cracker contains a 3cl bottle of gin, so make sure you've got plenty of tonic on hand...

Talking Tables Star Sharing Crackers

£12.50 for six, available now from Amazon

These fun-filled crackers contain something for the whole family, including party photo props, paper hats, star scatter, cheeky disguises, jokes and quizzes. There won't be a dull moment at the table!

Glitterati Saucy Crackers

£7 for eight, available now from Amazon

Liven up your party with these cheeky mini truth-or-dare crackers - they're guaranteed to be full of conversation-starters! Plus they'll add a great golden glint to any dinner party table.

Who Am I? Crackers

£15 for six, available now from Laura Ashley

In addition to the usual hat and joke, these fun crackers from Laura Ashley contain a set of snazzy glasses and a name label for each person, so you can play a game of the hilarious 'Who Am I?' whilst you wait for your Christmas pudding. Genius!

Dogs Trust Musical Hand Bell Crackers

£24.99 for eight, available now from

These are perfect for a musical Christmas dinner - with each cracker containing a mini handbell, hat, and joke. If you nominate one lucky person as the conductor, they get the baton that comes with the pack and get to lead everyone in song. Each person gets a badge with a number, which allows them to follow on easily with the numbered sheet music. So, you'll either have a wonderful chorus, or total chaos. Either way.

Autograph Beauty Crackers

£17.50 for four, available now from M&S

You can always rely on M&S for a beauty bargain, and these gorgeous crackers are just the ticket - lovely metallic packaging, and plenty of goodies inside. We're crossing our fingers for the nail polish when we pull ours, but there's also a nail file, mascara and lip lacquer up for grabs.

Waiting For Santa Photo Booth Crackers

£12.50 for six, available now from Amazon
If you're waiting on Santa, then popping one of these crackers for a spot-on photo prop will enable you to create your best 'Ho ho ho!' for the camera. Each pack also comes with its own fold-out frame for the complete picture.

Magic Party Magic Trick Crackers

£11.00 for six, available now from Amazon

Do you love magic tricks? Then these are most definitely your kind of cracker. Each one contains a different trick, an 'entertainment scroll', joke, tongue twister, trivia and a paper hat. And they aren't just for Christmas, either - these crackers would make a great fit for birthday parties.

No7 Gifts for the Girls Christmas Crackers

£14 for four, available now from Boots

The ultimate mini presents for a girly Christmas party, these crackers from cult favourite beauty brand No7 have a full-sized item inside each of them. Between tinted lip balms and nail polishes, you can twist them apart and then swap them around until everyone gets the shade they want!

Hotel Chocolat Mini Crackers

£16.50 for 10, available now from Hotel Chocolat

Because everyone knows that what you need at Christmas is, in fact, more chocolate. These tiny crackers, all of which contain one of the Hotel Chocolat's bestselling chocs, are actually pretty good value for the number you get, making them perfect for larger groups. You can even use them as decorations on your tree, as long as you don't mind them all getting gobbled up immediately...

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Christmas Cracker Trio

£8 for three, available now from Amazon

Tying in perfectly with the Christmas spirit, these soldier crackers hold some gorgeous pampering minis. With a strawberry candy cane scented body wash, a frosted cranberry shower gel and a vanilla frosting body lotion, you're definitely going to be feeling and smelling very Christmassy!

The best gifting crackers 2016

Celebrations Cake Bar Cracker

£3, available now from Tesco

This cracker holds six treats inspired by Celebrations' most loved chocolate bars: two Galaxy caramel cake bars, two Mars cake bars, two Bounty treat cakes, two Milky Way cake bars, and two Snickers flapjacks. That's a lot of cake - but hey, we're definitely not complaining.

Decléor Surprise Christmas Cracker

£9.60 for one, from

Winter is a terrible time for hands - the harsh weather can crack up any knuckles in no time. Luckily, Decléor is here with a lightweight hand cream that will last all day long, tucked inside a gorgeous cracker. With ingredients like white meadowfoam oil, magnolia essential oil, and shea butter, your hands will be feeling soft all the way through to spring.

Caudalie Hydration Essentials Cracker

£10 for one worth £19, available now from

If you or someone you know has sensitive skin that's in need of a soothing fix, then this luxe Caudalie cracker is the one to fill your table with! Containing a moisturising sorbet, a soothing serum and a hydrating face mask, skin is bound to feel nourished and calm in no time at all - it's perfect for the tough winter winds as well.

Butler's Chocolate Selection Cracker

£12.99 for one, available at Selfridges

Combining a box of chocolates and a Christmas cracker is an idea we wish had been thought of much sooner! This festive red and gold crackers is packed full of favourites from Butler's, including pralines, honeycomb chocolates and salted caramels, wrapped up individually - perfect for stuffing into any stocking.

Monty Bojangles Milky Mischief Cracker

£6 for one, available now at Tesco

One a little more of a budget? You can still treat someone to chocolate heaven. The truffle experts at Monty Bojangles are bringing a truffle which is said to be milkier and lighter to you this Christmas - you might want to get a couple of these as back-up, because we have a feeling that they won't stick around for long once opened!

This Works Miracle Cracker

£10 for one, available now from

If you're having trouble sleeping, then maybe you need this cracker in your life. Inside, there's a deep sleep body therapy spray, consisting of a relaxing blend of lavender, vetivert and camomile, as well as aloe vera and vitamin B5 to send you nodding off while hydrating your skin. Bonus!

Wentworth Puzzle Playful Santa Cracker

£9.95 for one, available now from or selected John Lewis stores

This 25-piece mini puzzle is great for a brain teaser around Christmas time. The seasonal red and gold packaging ties in perfectly with the holidays, and the cute little Santa waiting to be put together inside is all you need for some Christmas Day entertainment.

Pink Pepper Bath Marbles Cracker

£6 for one, available now from Oliver Bonas

Whilst Christmas is of course, a time of joy, it can also be a time of tension, which is where this relaxing cracker from Oliver Bonas comes in. These little pebbles will make a long soak in the tub feel extra luxurious - and if you're not keen on the pink pepper scent? They come in Elderflower Fizz as well.

Moet & Chandon Moët Imperial Cracker

£20 for one, available now from John Lewis

Okay, so you'd have to be pretty flush to fill your table with these, but one 20cl cracket for a special someone will make a fab little festive treat. Just be careful when you pull it open, lest the glass bottle fall the the ground and make it a very unhappy Christmas...

Lipsy Cracker with Four Lipglosses

£10 for one, available now from Lipsy

This see-through cracker allows you to sneak a peek of its contents, and it definitely isn't disappointing. Inside are four Lipsy branded lip glosses, in flattering shades of peach, strawberry pink, classic red and a subtle nude, so whatever your style, there'll be one to suit.

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Jealous Sweet Crackers

£8.99 for one, available now from

And just when you thought you'd had more than enough sugar, this delicious cracker from Jealous comes along. Available in flavours including tropical, tangy and 'fruitilicious', we'd definitely like to find one of these treats under the tree with our name on it on Christmas morning...

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