'Menopause, just like that' Andrea McLean opens up about hysterectomy as she returns to Loose Women

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Andrea McLean
Andrea McLean has opened up about her hysterectomy and accepting she will never have children, as she made her return to Loose Women.

The TV star, 47, recently underwent a hysterectomy - a choice she made after being 'doubled up in pain' from a combination of perimenopause and endometriosis, a condition which she's suffered from since her early twenties.

Speaking during her first Loose Women appearance since the operation, the presenter opened up about the procedure and admitted the recovery was harder than she expected.

'The thing I didn't appreciate was how tired I would get,' she told the Loose Women panel.

'It's just coming up to six weeks now since I had the hysterectomy and obviously you have the physical side of things to get over, you're very tired and that sort of thing. But my biggest fear was mentally falling off a cliff because that's it. Menopause, just like that. And I was really worried about how that was going to affect me'.

Speaking about the operation she added: 'I'm not brilliant with anaesthetic, so coming round from the operation was quite difficult.

Andre opened up about her experience to fellow Loose Women panellists Linda Robson and Jane Moore

'My whole body was shaking and convulsing and I literally came round and was like that. Add I was very, very cold and that took a while to wear off and my teeth were clenching and then I felt very sick and very very nauseous.'

However, Andrea also admitted she had to mentally recover from the fact she had her womb removed.

She said: 'It takes a long time just to get over that, never mind having your engine removed'.

Andrea has previously spoken out about her decision to have a hysterectomy and how she has dealt with the fact she will never have more children.

'I'm really, really happy in a relationship with a lovely man so it was obviously a big decision,' she explained the The Mirror.

'Nick and I have children of our own and we hadn't talked about having children together before.'

'I knew I would be an older mum but that we could still maybe have children if we wanted to. But I was also in constant pain and couldn't carry on any longer.'

'Nick was brilliant, he just said: "If you're OK, I'm OK, that's all that counts".'

'We made the decision, had a big hug and counted our blessings.'

Andrea has two children, Amy and Finley, from previous relationships, while Nick has two daughters of his own.

However, despite knowing that the surgery was ultimately the right choice for herself and her family, Andrea confessed that she did dream of the couple having a child together - a baby with blue eyes.

'I looked over at Nick and asked: "If we had a child what do you think it would look like?"', she said.

'I've got brown eyes, as do my children, and Nick has blue eyes. I asked if he thought we would have had a blue-eyed child.'

'It was the first time I'd really thought about it and Nick looked as if to say: "Where the hell has that come from?" I think it was because I knew it would never happen now.'

'We had a little moment where Nick came over and gave me a hug and said: "I do, I think we would have had a blue-eyed baby".'

Although obviously emotional about her fertility, Andrea added that the procedure had left her feeling positive about the future.

'I'm at such a brilliant time in my life, I've hopefully got rid of endometriosis and I'm in a brilliant relationship,' she concluded.

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'Next year is my 10th at Loose Women and 20th at ITV. I've so much to look forward to. I can't wait to get started.'

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