Gemma Collins weight loss: the secrets behind her slimmed down figure

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Gemma Collins
TOWIE star Gemma Collins has been wowing Instagram followers with her slimmer figure after losing a stone, but what are the secrets behind her weight loss? We investigate...

Gemma's bright personality and honest attitude have always made her one of the most relatable members of the TOWIE cast, and fans have always loved that she's discussed her weight loss efforts many times in the past.

Now the blonde seems to be on a great path to achieve her weight loss goals and fans have been noticing. After she posted a picture of herself wearing a black swimsuit, Gemma's followers were quick to comment on how great she looks, and ask her for her secrets.

One said: 'You look amazing', while another commented: 'How are you losing so much weight please? You look really good!! X'

Curious about what GC is doing to slim down? We found out how she's doing it...

Find your motivation

Gemma has previously talked about what's been motivating her to lose weight. Her mum being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis - which can cause swelling and stiffness in joints, making it difficult to move - was one of the reasons she started her weight loss journey.

The reality TV star has also said that she wants to have children in a near future, so being at a healthy weight will make it easier.

She told The Sun newspaper last year: 'Next year I do want to knuckle down because it is going to be a struggle - I desperately want a baby and I would struggle to have the baby the way I am now.'

Eat a balanced diet

Dinner ð‘ð»

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Ever since Gemma embarked on her weight loss journey, the Essex-native has been taking to Instagram to share pictures of how she's making an effort in the kitchen.

Her meals include a mix of healthy carbs like quinoa, plenty of veg and protein - like salmon or chicken. She's also opting for healthy snacks like fruit instead of processed foods.

Hit the gym

Leg press ðð» good for the booty ð

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The Celebs go Dating star has also been keeping active as part of her weight loss journey, and going to the gym to sweat out the calories.

Her workouts range from just cardio, like the cross trainer, to muscle building exercises like the leg press that are good for toning and turning fat into muscle - which will ultimately help you burn more calories.

GOOD MORNING from the cross trainer ð

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Celebrate your milestones

Clearly proud about her decision to make herself and her health a priority, Gemma is very open about her weight journey and celebrates every milestone to give her even more motivation to carry on.

When she shared the happy news that she'd lost a stone, Gemma also posted a photo of her at dinner with her family, captioning it: 'gemmacollins1Out with the family 💖❤️💖 champagne seafood no carbs 😝 celebration 🍾 lost one stone 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I said every stone a cheeky celebration back on it tom 💖❤️💖'.

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Are you inspired by Gemma Collins weight loss journey and will you any of her tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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Bit she's still a nasty piece of work. All the weight in the world won't change that.

Annie W

You don 't recover from Rheumatoid Arthritis, you learn to try and live with it. Medications are not nice to take and very very rarely a day goes by without pain. Very misunderstood disease 'til you suffer with it.

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