Mother-of-the-bride wants maid of honour excluded from the wedding party because she has a limp

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Internet users have been left speechless at one mum's request to exclude a bridesmaid with a limp from her daughter's bridal procession.

Organising weddings is stressful, not only for the bride and groom but the entire family. There are so many decisions to make, so many people to take into consideration, and ultimately everyone wants the day to be 'perfect' - but for or one mother-of-the-bride, that perfection means no visible disabilities allowed.

Writing anonymously to Slate's agony aunt site 'Dear Prudence', the woma in question explained: 'My 27-year-old daughter and her best friend, Katie, have been best friends since they were 4. Katie practically grew up in our house and is like a daughter to me.'

'My daughter recently got engaged... and announced that Katie would be maid of honour... The problem is that Katie walks with a pretty severe limp due to a birth defect.'

The writer goes on to confirm that Katie has no issue wearing high heels and has already been fitted for the dress but still thinks that it will 'look unsightly if she's in the wedding procession limping ahead of my daughter.'

Unsurprisingly the daughter is now not talking to her, after it was suggested that Katie 'take video or hand out the programs while sitting so she doesn't ruin the aesthetic of the wedding'.

She goes on to say how she just wants her daughter's day to be 'perfect'.

Agony aunt Prudence could hardly contain her shock at receiving this letter, starting her reply with: 'I had a hard time wrapping my mind round this.'

Prudence goes on to remind her that her daughter's day will be perfect with Katie as a full member of the bridal party. 'The limp is part of Katie's life, not a fly in the ointment,' she adds.

She then goes on to call the writer 'ableist and cruel' and implores her to apologise to her daughter immediately.

People on Twitter reacted in much the same way with one commenting: 'I would have set this woman's letter on fire.''

'The bad news is that the mother is one hell of a kind, and the good news, she got served,' said another.

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What do you think? Is this mother-of-the-bride totally out of order, or can you see her point? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Oh for pities sake. They have been friends since they were four. She should be ashamed of herself for being so totally and utterly petty as to think that this girl would spoil her daughter's wedding simply because she has a limp. I am glad her daughter is not talking to her now. It might wake her up before the wedding since she needs to realise that this is her daughter's wedding and not hers and needs to apologise not only to her daughter but to her daughter's friend as well and then shut the heck up and let her daughter have the wedding she chose.


Who IS this moron that she is so hypocritical to her 'daughter' ? Personally, I would have the best friend attend and tell the mother she isn't welcome at the wedding.

Julie Pask

How can that woman possibly say that her daughters' friend is like a daughter to her and then say she should be excluded - total disgrace

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