'I feel so lonely' Nadia Sawalha opens up about the menopause symptom no one talks about

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Nadia Sawalha

Regular Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha has revealed how 'frustrated' she is every night in bed with husband Mark Adderley because of the menopause.

The 52-year old admitted that because of insomnia, related to the changes her body is going through, she's just not happy.

'I have no sleep. My life that you see is all fake,' she exclaimed.

'I was in make up for hours this morning, looking like this, doing this, when in fact I'm absolutely exhausted.'

Nadia added that she wasn't on HRT, which is known to sometimes help with insomnia, but fellow panellist Andrea Mclean then said that she was on HRT but still suffers insomnia too.

Nadia continued: 'I'm just so tired, I keep waking up, I feel nausea. I'm an eight hours a night person, always have been.'

The mum-of-two described how she always wakes up throughout the night and no matter what she does she just can't asleep.

'I can't move in case I wake anyone up at night. And I'm doing mindfulness and concentration and my breathing but I just - and I know loads of women will feel the same - I feel like a ghost walking through life.

'I feel isolated and lonely,' she admitted, to a round of applause from the Loose Women audience.

'Sometimes I find myself looking at people thinking; "oh you look like you've had a good nights sleep" and I'm actually jealous.'

Guest panellist Penny Lancaster was quick to empathise with Nadia's plight.

The model pointed out that there are so many books for new mums, warning them about the lack of sleep they're about to endure, but there's nothing like that for women who are due to go through the menopause.

'Sleep deprivation is a form of torture!' she agreed.

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What do you think? Have you suffered with insomnia during menopause? Let us know in the comments box below.

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Maria Jasmine Freeman

In my early perimenopause phase I had insomnia, with both difficulty in sleep initiation as well as sleep maintenance. Not only would I not be able to sleep, but I would be shivering and shaking repeatedly with accompanying tearing. Often I would roam around having hardly slept for one hour, in severe chest distress, with puffing-and-blowing episodes that would not be stopped. After more than 13 years of “crucifixion”, with electrifying pains, denovo seizures and gasping daily, on no treatment, I am much improved, at all levels, but I still have wakefulness bouts-like now while I am writing this piece! This insomnia bout is a blessing in comparison to my early days. Maria Jasmine Freeman

Kay Martindale

Oh god been exactly the same as Nadia.I started going through the menopause at 46 and didn't take HRT either.I suffered terribly with insomnia not been able to fall asleep even though I was exhausted ,and when I did get to sleep eventually I was awake again a few hours later for the rest of the night.I ended up on Zopiclone ( sleepers) as I wasn't coping with no sleep,they got me to sleep but was still waking Ar 2/3 in morning.I am 51 now weened myself of the sleeper on holiday in June this year after three years on them,I am starting to sleep better even though I am writing this at 00.40 am ,been in bed since 9pm and woke at midnight to spend a penny so sat in bed wide awake but do feel very sleepy as I am writing this.I also suffered weight gain and hot flushes and the devil entered my body too for a while,which is all calming down now,just the odd flush,I am controlling my weight gain by swimming three times a week but don't ever think I will be a size 10 again.I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel after five years,(my poor mum went on for 10 years 😱).So don't worry too much to all you menapausle women out there I survived it so will you. Written buy Kay.x

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