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  • Living with sciatica

    'How I cope with back pain'

    Denise shares her story of how her back pain started with pins and needles and how she copes with the pain now

    • 4
    (139 ratings)
  • Back pain advice video

    If you suffer from back pain - it's time to tackle your problems. In this video a physiotherapist and osteopath gives his expert advice on coping with it

    • 3
    (10 ratings)
  • Back stretches video

    NHS Physiotherapist Stuart Taylor gives you his best exercises for keeping your back healthy.

    • 5
    (2 ratings)
  • Back pain

    Protect your back

    1 in 5 of us suffers from regular back pain - here we've explained the facts on the causes and we've got 10 tips to prevent back pain

    • 4
    (45 ratings)
  • Back pain video

    1 in 5 of us suffers from regular back pain - and we often wonder what causes it, how we can protect ourselves from it and how we can stop the pain if we're already suffering.

    • 4
    (6 ratings)

Showing 5 results

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