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  • Woman with back pain

    Common causes of back pain in women (and easy ways to treat them!)

    Back pain is such a common problem that can really get you down and affect your life. Here's some tips to being back pain free...

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  • Woman with back pain

    10 home remedies for back pain

    From five different essential oils to ginger extract and eating dark chocolate (yay!) here are 10 home remedies which will beat that back pain before it beats you...

  • Back pain advice video

    If you suffer from back pain - it's time to tackle your problems. In this video a physiotherapist and osteopath gives his expert advice on coping with it

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  • Yoga positions, Twist

    Yoga poses and sequences

    Boost your energy throughout the day, sleep better at night and even beat depression and anxiety with our two yoga sequences for mornings and evenings. Yoga's great for toning your tummy too!

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  • Back pain

    Protect your back

    1 in 5 of us suffers from regular back pain - here we've explained the facts on the causes and we've got 10 tips to prevent back pain

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  • Living with sciatica

    'How I cope with back pain'

    Denise shares her story of how her back pain started with pins and needles and how she copes with the pain now

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  • Back stretches video

    NHS Physiotherapist Stuart Taylor gives you his best exercises for keeping your back healthy.

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  • Back pain video

    1 in 5 of us suffers from regular back pain - and we often wonder what causes it, how we can protect ourselves from it and how we can stop the pain if we're already suffering.

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Showing 8 results

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