Best curling wands under £30

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Behold, the curling wand! No more annoying clamps, quick, simple and gorgeous curling in no time. Here are the best wands under £30...

There are loads of different curling appliances out there, so knowing which to choose can feel a little overwhelming! Althouhg curling tongs are great they can be quite fiddly, and are never a quick option for when you’ve just got a few minutes before you need to dash out of the house.

Behold, the curling wand! Unlike traditional curling tongs these slick appliances don’t have clamps (no more getting your hair caught in them!) so there’s far less fiddling and far more time for styling. Just wrap the hair around the wand, hold in place for a moment or two, and hey presto, unleash gorgeous, flowing curls.

(Don’t worry, if you’re still unsure, we’ll teach you how to use a curling wand with our step by step tips throughout the gallery)

And you don’t need to spend a fortune on one! We’ve rounded up the best for under £30.

If you’re looking to find out how to use a curling wand, and which one to buy, check out our gallery where you can find a great cheap curling wand that’ll give you fantastic results. Now we can all have gorgeous, bouncy curls à la Kate Middleton, hurrah!