Best under-eye concealers under £10

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Our eyes are the biggest giveaway when we haven't had enough beauty sleep (damn those dark circles!). We test 11 concealers under £10 so next time you need an under-eye fix you'll be looking wide awake in no time!

Don’t you just hate the way that no matter how hard you try, your eyes are always the first thing to give you away when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep?

From the moment you wake up, getting your peepers to look awake is a bit of a struggle, especially when all you feel like doing is climbing back into bed. And don’t even get us started on those that dare utter ‘Oh you look tired today!’

Well enough is enough, we’re tired of looking tired and it’s time to give that under-eye area and those pesky dark circles a bit of a lift! With so many concealers out there, it can be a little overwhelming about which one to go for, and we definitely don’t fancy spending loads of money to find the right one for us.

That’s why we’ve been busy bees testing 11 popular concealers (all under £10 too, phew!) so that next time you’re at the shops, you’ll know which one to reach for when you need a little help in the ‘looking wide awake’ department.

Is there a concealer you use that we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear about it in the comments box below!