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  • You didn't think all the celebs cheat themselves perfect did you? See pics of them working out

  • See Dawn's fabulous weight loss in pictures

  • It's true, sometimes even blokes feel the need to shed a few pounds. So we've rounded up these fat to fit male celebs

  • Mariah, Holly and Victoria have all showed off amazing weight loss after their pregnancies. See pics of them here...

  • Hasn't Jodie Marsh changed? See the former glamour model's new bobdybuilder look plus more celebs who have been takin...

  • See pictures of the Big Brother winner's weight loss from 16st to 13st!

  • The TV actress has lost an amazing amount of weight - a whopping 6 and a half stone in six months to be precise. Look...

  • Wow! Clare Nasir went from a size 16 to a 6. See how she did it...

  • Who won the 2011 Rear of the Year title? Surprisingly it wasn't Pippa Middleton, who was tipped to win after wearing ...

  • We've all been impressed by Clare Nasir's dramatic weight loss - but how did she do it and what diet secrets does she...

  • We're not the only ones who struggle with our weight. These celebs are forever gaining a bit and losing a bit, again ...

  • Loved by celebrities such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, this low-calorie diet where you don't mix food group...

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