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  • Thinner thighs, legs

    12 ways to thinner thighs

    Be proud of your pins and tone up those thunder thighs with our easy and cheap exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home, a gym or even at work

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  • Stomach and tape measure

    Get your dream body

    If you've got a wobbly tummy, stretch marks on your boobs, or cellulite on your thighs you can still get the perfect body with our round-up of products & exercises that are free, cheap or pricey

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    (235 ratings)
  • Exercises to slim thighs

    Shape your legs diet plan

    Give yourself the ultimate accessory - fantastic pins! Monica Grenfell's eating and exercise plan will help you slim down and tone up and lose 5lb in 2 weeks

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    (213 ratings)
  • get rid of cellulite_jup

    Woman's Own: The Body Blitzer!

    Smooth away unwanted dimples with Monica Grenfells plan to tone problem areas - you'll see results in just 7 days and there's a cheat day too!

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    (8 ratings)
  • Woman jumping on the beach

    Get legs beach ready

    Food nutritionist Monica Grenfell's diet will help you ditch those dimples and lose 10lb.

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  • Woman lunging with dumbellls, cellulite-busting exercises_Photolibrary

    Cellulite-busting exercises

    Choose the best exercise from walking to swimming to help smooth those dimpled thighs.

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  • Celebs with cellulite

    Cellulite celebs

    It's heart-warming to know that even celebrities get cellulite - see if you can guess the star by their dimples in our silly game

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    (222 ratings)

Showing 7 results

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