Cheap and easy Valentine’s Day present ideas your partner will LOVE

Want to surprise your other half this V-day but don’t know how? We have a few cheap and easy ideas…

If you’re after something special for this Valentine’s Day, we have a few ideas that might make your partner love you even more.

This holiday is all about showing your loved one how much you care, but that doesn’t necessarily mean spending loads of money on a fancy present.

There are plenty of cute ways to show someone you love them, be it with sweet little gestures or thoughtful presents you made yourself. Why not give these ideas a try this year?

1. Give him a little sugar

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Bake them a little romantic surprise like a batch of chocolatey brownies or these love heart biscuits. Don’t forget to decorate apropriately – if you’re really feeling loved up, maybe even a cheeky ‘I love you’ in red icing?

2. Make your own card


It’s simple, free and easy. If you’re feeling crafty then all you need is an envelope, some card, a pen and your imagination. If your drawing skills make it look like your child has gone a bit wild with a crayon, then you can find a free printable template online. We like these free printable Valentine’s Day cards. Either that, or pretend your kid did actually draw it.

3. Leave him a little message

Being spontaneous is the key to rekindle your relationship, so leave your other half an unexpected message in the mirror or on his bedside table. Make it romantic or sexy, depending on your mood, and wait for his reply.

4. Try a DIY gift

Image: Pinterest/Landeelu

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like hours spent around glue and spray paint. Make a special souvenir like this sweet Love sign, and enjoy the surprised look on his face.

5. Say it with breakfast

Start the day with a loving breakfast for the whole family – this egg in a frame idea requires just two ingredients and cookie cutter. Frame the egg with a heart shape by using a heart shaped cutter.

6. Make him a mixtape

Okay, maybe not the most modern gift but the cuteness factor still hasn’t worn off. The key is getting the playlist right so maybe it’s a better option for those who’ve been with their partners for longer and know their taste in music inside out.

7. Try some love cupcakes

Again, there’s no way you can go wrong with a sugary treat, especially if you make it yourself. These lovely hidden hearts cupcakes will definitely melt his heart, and give you extra brownie points for the future. Plus, you can also enjoy one or two…

8. Make a cute snow globe

Image: Whipperberry

Homemade gifts are always extra special, and this Valentine’s Day snow globe is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen. You’ll only need a jar, faux snow, glue and some material to make the heart, like felt. If good old hearts aren’t your thing, then replace them with a symbol that means something to you and your partner, like a mini globe if you both love travelling.

9. Give him some personalised sweets

Image: I heart nap time

This idea is one of the best if you’re short on time. Just buy your partner’s favourite sweets or treats from a shop, get a selection in a jar, put on a personalised label and you’re all done! You can either make your own tag, or print one of the many available online.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever given or received? Share your stories with us in the comment section below!