Cult beauty products with retro prices

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These cult beauty products are either hitting the headlines or were loved by our mum, and for a reason - they work wonders and are affordable! See our pick of the best cult beauty products

Here at GoodtoKnow, we’re always on the hunt for beauty products that works just as well as the fancy brands, but for a snip of the price.

And with so many exciting new beauty products hitting the shelves every week, you no longer need to spend a fortune to look good!

Some of these cult beauty products were loved by our mums, whilst others are new cult beauty products we now can’t live without, but they all work wonders and are affordable too. Loved by everyone from beauty experts to consumers everywhere, we’d go as far as to say that everyone needs these ‘must-have’ products on their bathroom shelf!

All of these cheap beauty staples have received rave reviews and are firm favourites on ‘cult beauty product’ lists everywhere, so make sure you stock up pronto!