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Want to get into shape and lose weight fast for the summer? Here's our 5 favourite diets to help you lose the pounds before you have to even think about putting on a bikini: 

Special K Diet - We've all seen the adverts and we all want to look that good in a red dress. The Special K diet is great for time-stressed mums looking to lose a few pounds. With plenty of variety on the cereal including red berries, this diet is easy-to-follow and gives you results! 

Diet Club - Losing weight doesn't have to be hard, here at goodtoknow we prefer to diet the easy way. The goodtoknow diet club provides you with a diet diary, a personalised calorie allowance complete with a calorie checker and hundreds of healthy recipes. Not forgetting expert tips and a forum for you to share your dieting triumphs and mishaps with others. 

Dukan Diet - From the Middleton sisters to J-Lo, the Dukan Diet is loved by royalty and celebrities a like. The high-protein diet does take preparation and willpower, but if you can stick at it day on day off programme this diet will give you the beach body you've been longing for. 

Drop a Dress Size in 5 Days Diet - Whether you're jetting off on holiday or have a wedding looming, the Drop a Dress Size in 5 Days Diet is the last-minute saviour for those wanting to lose weight in less than a week.  

Detox Diet- If you want to lose weight and give your body a spring cleanse, the detox diet is the way forward. This 2-week plan can result in a weight loss of 7lb and the diet of fresh fruit and vege will help kickstart a healthy eating plan for the whole family!

If none of these diets take your fancy, find your perfect diet using our Diets A-Z finder.



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