10 Days To Get Back Into Your Jeans

If you want to lose half a stone safely but steadily, this is the diet for you. It’s a simple, no gimmick healthy eating plan the whole family can follow that includes everyday foods.

What is it?

A 10-day plan designed to kick-start your diet and get you back into your favourite jeans. Each meal is simple to prepare and is made up of wholesome ingredients all readily available in any supermarket. There are even quick and easy shop-bought choices perfect for if you’re too busy to make a fiddly lunch every morning. Don’t cheat and you could lose up to seven pounds in 10 days!

How does it work?

Each day’s meal plan is carefully calorie controlled which should ensure you lose weight steadily and safely. On day one and two, you’re allowed snacks mid-morning and afternoon but for the other eight days, these aren’t part of the plan. Restricting your calorie intake further in this way will speed up weight loss. By the end, your favourite jeans should feel a lot more comfortable.

Who is it good for?

People who are determined to lose ‘that extra half stone’. People with families as kids will love the smoothies and the chicken and veg kebabs.

What are the drawbacks?

Some of the dinners don’t offer a vegetarian option.

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