Clare Nasir: How I lost 3 stone

Former GMTV weather girl Clare Nasir was shocked into losing weight by an embarrassing photo of her exercising that was published in the papers in July 2010. Almost a year later, she’s a size 6 and has lost more than 3 stone.

In a recent interview, Clare said that she’ll never regain the weight. She’s made exercise and healthy eating a part of her life and she’s given away all her bigger clothes.

So how did she do it? Our sister magazine, Woman’s Own, caught up with her to find out her diet secrets.

Wow, Clare! How did you lose your baby weight?

As Sienna was premature, her first weeks were a bit traumatic but i gradually began to lose weight. By July, I’d dropped my baby weight and was 10st 4lb. But I was still overweight for my height and I hadn’t done much serious exercise in a long time. I was still wearing maternity clothes I’d borrowed from Kate Garraway, which made me realise it was time to take the matter in hand.

What did you do?

I got a personal trainer, Elia Siaperas, and started exercising. We’d go to the park and he’d put me through my paces. And that’s when someone took the snaps of me in
the green Lycra that made it into the papers.

What about your diet?

Little and often. Eat every two hours and your metabolism will be constantly stoked up.

What’s your exercise regime?

It’s based on interval training- short, sharp, shock. You do a number of intense routines, easy of which is the equivalent of 90 minutes or funning, cycling or dancing.

Any other tips?

Yes, drink protein shakes straight after exercise because it feeds muscles with protein. Also, I take omega fish oils, which help with fat loss.

So, what were your results?

I lost 12in off my waist alone and 7in from my hips and I reached my target weight of 7st 7lb by the end of October. I feel fantastic.

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