Go Lower diet

What is the Go Lower diet?
It’s a metabolic diet where ready-meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, are delivered to your door weekly or monthly. It’s designed for busy women who want to lose weight fast in a healthy way and keep it off. The meals are nutritionally rich which actively trigger the body into burning fat. There’s no weighing, measuring or calorie-counting involved, everything is done for you. You also get nut and chocolate creme bars for snacks and you can go out for dinner with friends as the Go Lower team will tell you how to choose food from any restaurant or party menu.

How does the Go Lower diet work?
Each meal is high in fibre and protein but also low GL (glycaemic load – a ranking system for carbohydrate content) and low GI (glycaemic index – measures the effect of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels). On the diet you get your 5 a day from fresh fruit and vegetables. The diet works by reducing unnecessary energy (starch and sugar) which then forces the body to use its own fat supplies as energy, known as Ketosis. The calorie intake is around 1,500 calories a day (allowing for a glass of red wine if you fancy it!) but ensures that you feel full by including plenty of natural protein which triggers a release of peptides to the brain which tells you that you are full.