Rosemary Conley’s Gi Hip & Thigh Diet

We loved Rosemary Conley’s Gi Hip & Thigh diet so much they decided to give an online diet plan exclusively to goodtoknow users! So read all about this world-famous diet, then follow our day-by-day food plan and exercise challenge and watch the pounds drop off!

What is Rosemary Conley’s Gi Hip & Thigh diet?
A low-fat and low GI diet and exercise plan from health and fitness expert Rosemary Conley designed to help you lose weight and inches. In the first two weeks you could lose up to 7lb in 14 days by following Phase 1, then you follow Phase 2 until you reach your ultimate goal.

How does the Rosemary Conley Gi Hip & Thigh eating plan work?
The Rosemary Conley eating plan is calorie-counted and includes foods with a low Gi (Glycaemic Index) rating. As these are slowly digested, they help stabilise blood sugar levels as well as making you feel fuller for longer and less likely to snack. All of the foods in this plan are also low in fat. Gram-for-gram, fat contains twice the number of calories as protein or carbohydrate, so cutting down on the fat you eat is an easy way to cut calories.

Who is the Rosemary Conley Gi Hip & Thigh good for?
The diet suits all ages, from 20s to 60-plus. The menus are flexible and the meals are interchangeable so they’re good for solo slimmers, meat-eaters and vegetarians and there’s a wide selection of recipes for the whole family. There’s also an easy-to-follow exercise plan with a daily activity challenge to help you burn extra calories and reach your goals faster.

What are the drawbacks of the Rosemary Conley Gi Hip & Thigh diet?
No alcohol is allowed for the first two weeks, during phase 1.

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