Rosemary Conley’s Slim to Win Diet

The Rosemary Conley Slim to Win Diet is all about delicious low-fat food, low GI meals and snacks. And there are loads of options for vegetarians and diabetics too.

What is the Rosemary Conley Slim to Win Diet?

It’s a healthy, balanced diet that’s based on low-fat and low GI foods so that you are eating less calories and less fat but you still feel full because of the filling low GI foods, such as sweet potatoes and brown rice.

How does the Rosemary Conley Slim to Win Diet work?

It’s tailored just for you because you work out how many calories you can have each day depending on your age, sex and current weight.

In the first 2 weeks you do a Fat Attack Fortnight Diet You could lose up to 7lbs in these 2 weeks. Then you follow the diet from the Fat Attack Fortnight but you add alcohol, a treat and a dessert – as long as this fits into you personal calorie allowance.

You are also encouraged to do 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week – but this can be broken up into 10 minute bursts.

Who is the Rosemary Conley Slim to Win Diet good for?

Anyone who wants to lose weight, get fitter, have more energy and beat their cravings. It’s easy to follow and the calorie value of all the foods, meals and snacks are worked out for you.

What are the drawbacks of the Rosemary Conley Slim to Win Diet?

You have to enjoy cooking. None of the recipes are complicated, expensive or time consuming but if you’re used to microwave ready meals or takeaways you might find this Diet takes a bit of adjustment.

You work out how much you need to lose and how many calories you can
have per day depending on your age, sex and current weight. There is a
chart in the book that makes this easy. For example, a woman between
the ages of 18-29, weighing 12 stone is allowed 1618 calories a day. A
woman between the ages of 30-59, weighing 12 stone is allowed 1466
calories a day.

Week 1 -2 you follow the Fat Attack Fortnight, which is a diet plan of 1200 calories a day. You have three meals and two Power Snacks a day.

From week 3 onwards follow the meals from the Fat Attack Fortnight and
add a treat, an alcoholic drink and a pudding as long as your personal
calorie allowance permits it. All the alcoholic drinks and treats in the
Diet are under 100 calories or have 5% or less fat. The puddings vary
in fat and calorie value so you need to work out what you can have.


Rosemary encourages activity and exercise on the plan because you will
lose weight quicker and feel healthier. Rosemary recommends a
combination of fat-burning aerobic exercise such as walking, running or following a fitness DVD. And toning exercise to change your shape, such as Pilates or a gym workout.

A typical day on the diet after week 3

Daily milk allowance is 450ml of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk

(approx. 200 calories)
40g muesli (max. 5% fat), topped with 30g each of sliced kiwi fruit,
mango, pineapple and melon and served with milk from allowance

Power Snack
(approx. 50 calories)
12 seedless grapes

(approx. 300 calories)
1 x 40g granary baguette spread with 20g extra-light soft cheese and
topped with 25g wafer-thin ham or Quorn Deli style Ham, plus 1 sliced
tomato and chopped basil or chives

Power Snack
(approx. 50 calories)
1 apple or pear

approx. 400 calories)
1 x 115g chicken breast, grilled or baked, served with 1 x 150g oven-baked sweet potato and other vegetables of your choice.

(max.100 calories)
Alpen Light chocolate and orange bar

Alcoholic drink:
(max.100 calories)
1 x 125ml glass red wine

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