Special K summer Diet

If the thought of wearing shorts and a T-shirt (let alone a bikini) fills you with dread, this two-week plan challenges you to drop a dress size and fit back into your summer wardrobe.

How does the Special K Diet it work?

The diet’s based around eating a bowl of Special K cereal for breakfast and either lunch or dinner. For your other meal you can eat anything you like as long as it’s nutritionally balanced.

Who is the Special K Diet good for?

People who want to shift a few extra pounds in time for a holiday or big event and those who don’t have the time to follow complicated meal plans or put too much thought into what they’re eating – it’s great for busy mums.

What are the drawbacks of the Special K Diet?

After a week you might feel a bit sick of cereal, but there are 10 different varieties to choose from including regular Special K, Special K Red Berries and Creamy Berry Crunch which is a good one for lunchtime.