The chocolate and wine lover’s diet

Who says you have to give up your guilty pleasures to get slim – Cheryl Cole admits to liking the odd treat or two and still looks fabulous! Nutritionist Monica Grenfell shows you how to lose weight while keeping your favourite indulgences.

Monica says:
Have you been put off dieting because it means giving up things you love like chocolate and wine? Well, I have news for you – you can lose weight and still have treats. I’ve got the perfect eating plan that’ll help you shed 7lb in just two weeks – and at least half a stone every month after that. Just think, more than a stone by Christmas! The good news is you can eat chocolate and have a tipple every day, and they are healthier than many diet foods, such as low-calorie cereal bars and low-fat crisps. Just look at French women who indulge in moderation and always look slim and fabulous!

Wine facts:
Both red and white wine boost heart-protecting HDL cholesterol. Red wine helps ward off blood clots and strokes because grape skins contain blood-thinning agents. Wine also boosts oestrogen levels and kills bacteria.

Chocolate facts:
Chocolate contains theobromine, thought to affect brain chemicals that soothe the nerves and induce calm. Added to milk, it helps lactose intolerance and if you eat nut chocolate, you add proteins and vitamins B and E. Dark chocolate is very high in copper, which may ward off heart disease.