Woman’s Own Blast That Bra Bulge Diet

Sick of seeing the dreaded bra bulge under your clothes? Don’t despair – your back is one of the first places you lose fat and we’ll show you how.

Follow nutritionist Monica Grenfell’s food and fitness plan and you’ll see the difference in 21 days.

Before you start
Measure yourself above your bra cups and below the strap, and continue to keep a record of your progress. bra bulge!

The Diet
Drink water, tea and coffee, fresh fruit juices.

You may notice your bra size getting smaller when you diet, but this is likely to be due to fat loss from the back, not your boobs. That’s because it’s easier to shed fat from your back than anywhere else, apart from the face.

For a sleek back without blemishes or dryness, I recommend a diet that’s high in good oils and beta-carotene to help protect the skin from sun exposure. It also needs to be a mainly savoury diet, low in sugar.

Make sure to eat the following every day:

  • ½ avocado
  • One portion either salmon, mackerel or tuna
  • A handful of almonds, Brazil nuts or walnuts
  • Two portions of salad with olive oil dressing
  • A fruit salad with melon, apricots, mango and papaya
  • 1 large carrot, raw, steamed or in salad