Woman’s Own: Get Back In Your Jeans


Losing weight at any age is all about calories, so this diet will make it easy for you. Plus, the exercises will make the difference between so-so results and a stunning shape, as well as a metabolism that stays in high gear all day.

The rules

  • Watch those portions. On average, home-cooked meals have 63 per cent more calories today than in 1996. The solution? Eat half the amount.
  • Eat protein at every meal. Protein is dense so you feel fuller for longer, and uses more calories during digestion than carbohydrates. Always eat the protein on your plate first to fill you up before eating the carbs.
  • Begin with soup. Research shows you’ll eat about 20 per cent fewer calories if you start a meal with soup. Just skip high-calorie, cream-based varieties.


  • Alcohol regularly as it slows fat-burning.
  • Fat as it takes a long time to digest.
  • Carbs on an empty stomach as they sap energy.