Woman’s Own: Get beach body ready

The secret behind this new diet from food nutritionist Monica Grenfell is the simple cuppa – and it works!

How it works
It’s so simple. Tea has just one calorie a cup while a dash of milk makes it only 10, so by drinking tea instead of your usual latte or cappuccino, you will save thousands of calories – and you even get biscuits! You will eat fresh meals that can be grilled or barbecued in minutes, leaving you just to toss a salad or steam some veg. Throw in some healthy snacks and you’re done. So get that kettle on!

Save up to 1,540 calories a week!
Swap your latte for a cuppa to ditch those excess cals – just use our handy calorie comparison table below

The amount of calories in:
– Black tea: 1 – Tea with skimmed milk: 10 – Skinny cappuccino (skimmed): 35 – Cappuccino (semi-skimmed): 110 – Skinny latte: 70 – Latte (full-fat): 220

The miracle brew
– Tea contains antioxidants called flavanoids, which are powerful anti-cancer compounds