Lose 10lb & look younger diet!

Food nutritionist Monica Grenfell shows you how to lose 10lb and look 10 years younger. Stick to 2 meals and 2 snacks a day – and lose 10lb in a month!

First the science bit – so stay with me. Billions of cells live inside your body and inside those cells are electrons, which go around in pairs. When you’re attacked by pollution, sunlight, smoking, alcohol or stress, these electrons separate from their twin and go on the rampage, destroying your cells and causing wrinkles. You can’t stop these attacks, but you can mount a defence.

It’s thought that if we eat more ‘original foods’ – the foods of our ancestors – our metabolisms will work better, meaning we’ll lose weight, and our bodies will have a stronger defence against the signs of ageing. This diet is high in good carbs and protein, which will help you achieve a beautiful, youthful complexion – and lose 10lb in a month!