Woman’s Own: Lose a stone in 6 weeks!

Follow the diet that helped actress Gaynor Faye to shed the pounds easily, devised by food nutritionist Monica Grenfell

Monica says:
This diet is simple to follow and, like Gaynor, you could shed up to a stone in six weeks.

I’ve based it on the famous Scarsdale Medical Diet from the 1960s, which is high-protein but low in calories. You have a slice of protein bread (see ‘the diet basics’, below) with each meal, you can eat cheese if you want and even have a glass of dry wine each night!

Follow the starter diet for one week, then, eating the same breakfast each day, introduce the more elaborate lunch and dinner menus and repeat for six weeks.

The diet basics:

1. 4oz butter (or spread) must last you seven days.

2. Allow yourself ½ pint of semi-skimmed/skimmed milk per day.

3. Have 3 slices of protein bread a day, such as banana bread, walnut bread, Vogel’s range of seeded breads or Warburton’s Seeded Batch (all stocked by major supermarkets).

4. Have 40g havarti, Edam or cottage cheese a day.