Woman’s Own: Switch Off Your Fat Cells Diet


Do you have a big abdomen despite hundreds of sit-ups? You could be switching on your fat cells by being sugar-sensitive. This means your sugar levels are constantly up and down, trying to correct themselves. Fat is released into your bloodstream to help you deal with the stress and then dumps it in your belly.

Loose Woman Andrea McLean followed this fruit and fish eating plan and lost 10lbs by switching off her fat cells. She says ‘I ate fruit in the day, swapping chocolate for grapes and having a smoothie for lunch. In the evening I had fish and vegetables’

Quick test
Do any of these apply to you?

  • 20 minutes after you wake, you still haven’t ‘come to’
  • You need a coffee to get you going
  • You rarely have the energy for exercise
  • You get a lot of night sweats and it’s not hormones
  • You get a lot of headaches
  • You can’t live without bread 
  • You always like to have chocolate or sweets handy
  • You get stressed or angry easily, especially in queues
  • You take frequent naps, or feel you’d like to
  • You ‘need’ alcohol most days

If you answered yes to 6 or more, you are likely to be sugar sensitive. Try this diet for 7 days to see if symptoms improve.