Woman’s Own: The All New Pick And Mix Diet

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Monica Grenfell’s most popular diet ever is back – and it just got even easier! Pile your plate and you’ll still lose 10lbs and look fab in a fortnight!

Ditch the scales and hide the calorie counter – on our new eating plan you just enjoy lots of delicious guilt-free meals. In two weeks you can shed 10lb, make over your complexion and find a whole new energy just by carefully matching your food groups. Plus you’ll aid digestion, have a flatter stomach, loads of energy and lose weight – and the best news is you can stick to this way of eating for life!

Food combining- the basics

Food is divided into four categories – proteins, flexible (goes with anything), starches and fruit. All you need to do is choose your meals like this:

  • Groups 1 and 2 together
  • Groups 2 and 3 together
  • Never mix groups 1 and 3
  • Your evening meal should be from groups 2 and 3
  • Eat group 4 on its own

Group 1

Red meat Chicken Eggs Fish Shellfish Milk Yogurt
Soya beans Tofu
Cheese cream

Group 2

All vegetables
Avocado Butter Seeds Nuts Dried beans Lentils
Olive oil Chilli oil Sunflower oil

Group 3

Bread Cereals Potatoes Pasta
Rice Potatoes Peas
Biscuits All sauces Sugar Honey Bananas Mangoes Honey All dried fruit

Group 4

All fresh fruit (bar those in group 3)