Woman’s Own: The Binge Diet

Beat the evening snack attack with this amazing plan from food nutritionist Monica Grenfell

Are you good all day, but prowl the kitchen at night for snacks? Do you believe eating in the evening makes the food turn to fat? Rubbish! The evening snack attack grips most of us at one time. But, relax, because you can still eat most of your food in the evening and lose 5lb in 7 days. Result!

How it works
You can snack all evening with this diet because you’re simply removing daytime snacks and substantial meals, and shifting all the calories to later in the day. Breakfast and lunch are very light, at just 150 calories or less each, leaving 900 calories to share between dinner and bedtime.

For example…
Dinner – 7PM: 400 calories
Dessert – 9PM: 150 calories
Supper – 10PM: 200 calories
Late snack – 12AM: 150 calories