Woman’s Own: The get your waist back diet

No calorie counting, the occasional glass of wine and a new trim waist from food nutritionist Monica Grenfell

How it works
We’re all familiar with the ‘muffin top’ – that extra roll around our middle that’s so hard to shift. But switching to a savoury, low-starch diet, high in calcium-rich dairy foods and with lots of fruit and veg, could give you the waist you’ve been waiting for.

Keep it healthy
Your waist measurement alone is not as important as its ratio to your hips. Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement, e.g., 28 divided by 36 = 0.7. A healthy ratio is 0.7-0.8.

Secret ingredient
You’d think you should cut out cheese to lose weight – but that’s not so. Yes, it contains fat, but it’s also a source of protein, calcium and vitamin A, and is brilliant at dampening appetite.
– Try half-fat brands such as Cathedral City Lighter, Seriously Lighter or Pilgrims Choice Lighter.
– Try using stronger-tasting cheese when you cook, then aim to use less to get the flavour you want.
– If you’re having a cheese sandwich, cheese on toast or cheese and biscuits, skip the butter or spread.

Don’t forget…
Only use:
– 1tbsp vinegar and oil dressing for salad – 1tbsp cooking oil – 1tsp mayonnaise for salad dressing – 1tsp olive oil or sunflower spread

– Two pints of plain water per day – Unlimited tea – Three coffees, or unlimited decaf – Day 7 only: three units of alcohol