Countdown to Christmas diet

Do you have a special outfit or little black dress that you want to wear this Christmas? If it’s feeling a bit tight at the moment, you might be panicking that you’ve left it too late to lose weight. We’ve got a fail-safe 5-week diet plan that will help you slim and keep you motivated. And even if you’ve only just found us you can still join the diet at any point and lose weight!

One of the classic diet mistakes we all make is that we rush into it and then get bored a few weeks later and end up bingeing. But this diet is different. You start slowly and make changes gradually. The first week you could lose 1-2lbs, then the 2nd and 3rd week you could lose another 1-2 pounds a week. Week 4 and 5 you could lose between 3 and 5lbs. Of course, everyone is different but whether you start at week 1 or week 4 you’ll lose weight and get a flatter tummy.

What do I do?

It’s very easy. Here are the rules:

  • You cannot have any takeaway or junk food and you need to stop eating cakes, chocolate and biscuits other than the treat you are allowed each day.  
  • Each day you can have one of these:
    1 2-finger KitKat 2 jaffa cakes 1 packet of light crisps 1 low-fat chocolate mousse 2 scoops of low-fat ice cream 1 handful of salted or roasted nuts – any variety 1 sugar-free jelly with low-fat squirty cream
  • .

    Take time to really enjoy these treats, and always have a large glass of water with them to help fill you up.

  • Swap all your milk in tea, coffee and cereal for skimmed milk
  • Swap all the high carbohydrate foods, such as rice, pasta and bread for the brown or wholegrain variety. Did you know that these sorts of food can actually make you hungrier and bloated so this is another reason to go for wholegrain rather than white.
  • Don’t drink alcohol 
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day – including one when you get up in the morning and one before every meal or snack.