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  • Young woman exercising

    Firmer bust exercises

    Time and gravity might not be on your side, but we are! These five easy exercises will help to make your breasts appear firmer and perkier in no time

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  • Exercising for new mums video

    Ready to start exercising again? Find out what a 'rec check' is, or when to begin your pelvic floor exercises with our video and advice from our trained intructor, midwife and real mums too

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    (221 ratings)
  • Woman vacuuming, hoovering

    16 everyday things you do that secretly burn calories (and how to burn even more doing them)

    Exercising doesn't have to mean sweating away in a gym every day....

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    (245 ratings)
  • Davina McCall shows off her toned tummy

    Celebrities keeping fit

    You didn't think the stars were naturally body-perfect did you? Check out the celebrities who work out to keep fit and tone up...

  • 30-day tummy toning challenge

    Your 30-day tummy toning challenge

    Ladies, we have scary news: summer's here! If you want to feel confident in your clothes this summer, try our 30-day tummy toning challenge...

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  • Race For Life 2014

    Race for Life is 20 years old!

    Get fit AND do your bit for charity by taking party in Cancer Research's Race for Life 2014. Here we'll tell you how to get involved and even help you plan your training!

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    (224 ratings)
  • Pert bum

    30-day squat challenge

    Take the 30 day squat challenge and get the bum you've always dreamed of by summer!

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    (154 ratings)
  • 6 easy Swiss ball exercises

    Ever wanted to try exercising with a Swiss ball? They work more muscles as your body works to keep balanced. Watch our video for 6 ways to use one

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    (269 ratings)
  • Woman with flat tummy wearing jeans

    10 ways to a flat belly

    Here are 10 easy ways to flatten your belly with a few quick tummy-toning tips and exercises that you can fit into your busy day

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  • A woman's legs

    10 reasons you hate your legs (and what to do about them!)

    It's summer and the idea of revealing your pasty pins to the world is terrifying. Never fear! Here are your common leg-hates and exactly how to fix them, to reveal your perfect legs!

Showing 1-10 of 139 results

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