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  • couple eating chocolates in bed

    Chocolate to boost your sex drive

    We all love chocolate but did you know it could help keep some potentially fatal diseases at bay? If you ever needed a reason to eat it - our guide to its health benefits will give you one.

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  • Simon Cowell

    WATCH: Hilarious giggling video of Simon Cowell goes viral!

    Videos of stars drenching themselves in ice cold water are filling up social media, and Simon's the latest star to get involved... with hilarious results!

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  • Always Demi - bustin bladder myths

    Busting myths on bladder sensitivity

    People might not talk about it very often, but one in three women over the age of 18 suffer from bladder sensitivity. But how can you manage it?

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  • The DASH Diet,

    7-Day Detox Plan

    This one-week eating plan kicks off the detoxifying process, boosts your immune system and encourages your brain to produce feel-good chemicals, plus you'll lose weight too!

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  • Always Demi - sleeping sensitive bladder

    Sleeping and a sensitive bladder

    All of us are guilty of not getting enough sleep from time to time, but a sensitive bladder needn't be a reason why!

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  • Always Demi - personal protection

    Your personal protection policy

    Don't let bladder sensitivity ruin your holiday! If you're worried about little leaks, follow our tips to make sure your holiday is completely stress free...

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Showing 1-6 of 2247 results

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Younger v older face-off

Tulisa's only 25, but her appearance has changed drastically since just two years ago. Do you think she looks better now, or in 2012?

Tulisa 2012

A fresh-faced Tulisa, do you think she looked better then?

Tulisa 2014

Tulisa's barely recogniseable. Do you prefer her look two years on?

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