Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James – review

What’s Fifty Shades of Grey about? If you haven’t gathered from the huge hype surrounding this book, 50 Shades of Grey is a rather raunchy read. It’s the first of the best-selling trilogy by E.L. James. Set in Seattle, the story begins quite innocently with a self-conscious literature student named Anastacia Steele who covers for a friend by going to interview Seattle’s most successful, super rich (and super hot) entrepreneur, Christian Grey. She can’t work out what it is about this this man that intimidates her. When Christian pursues her, she is completely stunned at his interest. But the seemingly squeaky-clean business man is too good to be true, when unresolved issues from Christian’s childhood start to emerge. The story is a classic romantic novel, with its feet firmly in the 21st century.

goodtoknow says:
We weren’t convinced the book would live up to its high expectations, but it didn’t take long until we were completely hooked! A warning: it IS pretty raunchy, not crude, but there are some very graphic sex scenes so it’s not the sort of book you’ll want to leave out where little hands can find it. Admittedly the beginning is a little bit slow-going, as the ‘juicy’ bits don’t start until chapter 8 – and after the craze of this book we were a little impatient to get to them. However, naughty bits aside, what makes this book so impossibly addictive is Christian Grey. He’s the sort of man every woman wants to tame. He’s extremely controlling, jealous, arrogant, utterly messed up and drop-dead gorgeous. He’s never been interested in relationships that go any further than sex, until he meets Ana, who, inexperienced, but ballsy, defies his demanding controls and steals his heart. We were completely taken in by the romance between the two characters, and we have to admit, we’d all like to be Ana – even if Christian Grey is a fictional character – which we refuse to accept!

Rating: 9/10
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Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd
Publish Date: Out now

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