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  • Skincare tips

    The truth about sore throats

    Sick of that sore throat? We've got the facts on which treatments really work - and we've busted some common myths about sore throats

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  • Flu jab

    Flu-jabs 2011

    Seasonal flu is spreading and some GP's surgeries have run out of the flu vaccine. Here we explain who needs the jab and how to get it

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  • Model pig with a swine flu mask on

    Swine flu need-to-know guide

    It's been reported that several people have died from swine flu recently - but there's no need to panic. Here's everything you need to know about swine flu and swine flu symptoms

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  • Tuberculosis woman cough cold sad depression anxiety tissue

    Tips to avoid coughs and colds

    Make sure you don't get the sniffles with these simple tips to avoid coughs and colds

  • Hand washing video

    Think you know how to wash your hands? Think again!

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  • Swine flu survival kit

    Swine flu survival kit

    A lot of us are going to get swine flu over the next few months, so it makes sense to be prepared. But what do you need if you get swine flu? Here's our list of essentials for you and family

Showing 6 results

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