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Helen Warrener

I found just walking the dog 30 mins twice a day made the pounds fall off and it was enjoyable as well meeting and chatting with the other dog walkers so it doesn't feel like its a chore

Tracey Eccleson

Oh I just read today that the best way to lose weight, along with a balanced diet and exercise is sleep! Makes sense as it lets the body recover. Best time to exercise is in the morning as well. Hope that helps! I am trying to shape up for my holiday in October.

Mags Mcmenemy

eat lots of fruit and veg and eat healthily and walk as far as you can every day....and do a little 'housework boogie'

Sarah Gray

Plenty of exercise! I was in my best condition when I had my horse and dogs. Walking and riding every day- great for legs and core muscles and the other jobs that come with a larhe animal- mucking out, lugging around bales of hay, great for arms.

Samantha Simms

Lots of excerise an drink lots of water helps


There are many weight loss tips such as first wake up early morning and exercise or yoga, apply diet plan like drink green tea, and water, eat green vegetables and fruits, try to avoid some oily foods which if you really want to lose your weight then you should apply these all tips.


Many people around the world these days are asking themselves "how can I reduce weight faster". If you are one of them, above is the best weight loss tips for you.


I agree with you my friend that weight lose is not easy things. I have to say that there are so many ways about weight lose, who should apply them such as drink more water, do regular exercise, eat fruits and green vegetables, avoid some salted foods, etc.

Singapore physiotherapy

I agree with you my friend that weight lose is not easy things. I have to say that there are so many ways about weight lose, who should apply them such as drink more water, do regular exercise, eat fruits and green vegetables, avoid some junky foods, etc.

Alex Hall

Not necessarily , losing weight is all about a sequence of biological reactions: (Creating the right metabolic state, Spiking Muscle Insulin Sensitivity, Depleting Glycogen, Breaking Fat, Burning broken fat). The more you trigger them in sequence the better results you can expect. Neatbodies have a 10 pages book about it, explains it really well maybe worth having a look.


It has taken years for me to finally lose weight after trying every diet under the sun, which sadly didn't work. The answer I found was to list all my favourite foods, from fruit and veg to sweet treats and work out a diet that only included these. So I have been eating all the foods I enjoy except for one item....wheat. The pounds have been flying off at a steady 1 or 2lbs a week but it hasn't been difficult and I haven't felt deprived....and I have even been eating gluten free cakes and biscuits. Considering I used to put on a steady 1lb a week, it's the best weight loss plan ever.

Mel Daniels

Aim to lose one or two pounds a week - a steady, healthy rate of weight loss that should then hopefully stay off.


Eat sensibly and eat less. You won't lose weight if you keep eating chocolate and biscuits no matter how much you exercise.

jane wright

my best advice would be to use a smaller plate, dont eat too late at night and make sure you take plenty of exercise, cut out the fatty foods and swap for healthy meals packed with fruit and veg. Dont deny yourself a treat now and again but do not go overboard!

Elle Cowan

<3 i was huge after the birth of my last child and i'm not talking 15-20lbs overweight, i'm talking heifer to be honest and it didn't help that i am lazy by nature and despise exercise of any kind. i've always been someone who approaches problems with a full on brutal assault and i really didn't know how to deal with my weight gain. one day i ran into an old friend who had obviously lost weight and she suggested i try going to slimming world with her... and that was it for me, i know its not for everyone but the red and green plans they showed me worked 100% for me. 11 years later weigh the same. not 4 every1 maybe, but worked wonders 4me <3

Sandra Clarke

I don't take any snacks or treats to work with me - just a salad for lunch & fruit. That way I don't get tempted and if I don't take any money to work then I can't nip out for treats either.

Maria Taylor

have your exercise with a generous helping of fun...put on a dance CD and bust some moves with your buddies

Debbi Ruskin

Eat less & exercise more - that should do it (personally I lost about 5 stone "fasting" every other day but, whatever works for you is good)


Don't have any "naughty stuff" in the house serving as temptation. This means not going shopping when you're hungry when you're more likely to pick up high calorie foods

Mellissa Williams

make sure you walk 10,000 steps a day. Many smart phones have apps that will help you monitor your exercise. Or do it the old fashion way and count!

Mary 'supermum' williams

My nan always said eat all different healtly foods to get a varied diet. Never just eat one thing as you wont get all the nutrition your body needs. With exercise and a varied diet will help loose them pounds in a healthy way x

Priyat Priyat

excercise atleast 30 minutes 3 times a week and eat small meals every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism going.

Hilary Craig

Keep back from the table!!


My tip is to get your head in the right place! No diet plan will work if you're not 100% committed. I plotted on a graph with my weight loss - ended up losing 5 stone first time around (then got pregnant naturally, having had IVF with the first two). Put on the weight again over time, so have to get my head back in the game again!

Lydia Munchkins Mummy Appleyar

avoid diet pills, they don't really help. the only way to do it is everything in moderation. cut down on the bad fats, but make sure to treat yourself on occasion or you will crave things. I find diets hard that you have to cut everything out. so I have found a small treat, like 2 sq of choc if I want a sweet treat, the perfect way to sooth the craving wt out going over board.

Janie McColl

eat little and often to give your metabolism a boost, drink plenty of water and make better choices, always use stairs instead of a lift!

Val Pownall

Cut out the bad fat. I find it the best way to lose weight, and can still eat most things. I find after a short while you actually lose the taste for anything fatty. I use the one cal spray oil for frying too, and still enjoy family meals, and even home baked chips - much nicer than bought ones. Hubby's favourite chips now and he certainly doesn't need to lose weight. I don't feel like i'm 'dieting' - I just look on it as the normal way to eat, so I'm not forever thinking about what I can and can't eat. Doing this I have lost 21lb over the last few months, and have loads of energy.


My tip is to look inside to find out what emotional reasons are behind your weight gain. Once you start to love yourself and appreciate who you are, the weight starts to fall off. I've done this and know many people who have too. Loving yourself allows you to shed your insecurities and your weight. x


The best way to lose weight is to make sure that you eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner and include a small snack during the day. Making sure that you keep your portions small and always do at least 30mins of exercise 3 times a week or more depending on how much spare time you have.

Nina Kang

It really pays to eat less and move more. The times I've lost weight have been doing just that, forming habits to ensure you're taking in less calories than you use up.


Firstly avoid faddy diets they don't work. Everything including treats in moderation. If you deny treats you will immediately want them more. Make your food as interesting as possible, boring food is not appealing! Plenty of water between meals to keep you feeling full and walk, walk, walk!


my advice is eat well excerise daily swimming on light jog is great get plenty of sleep and always have fun and treat yourself daily and get a friend to join in to encourage each other :) x

✰★ღ Kayleigh ✰★ღ

There is no such thing as a quick diet - I should know I lost over 6 stone recently and it took me 15 months. You have to have willpower or it wont work. 1) Take a photo of yourself now and pin it to your kitchen cupboard or fridge, that way when you feel like slipping back into your old way - your photo will guilt-trip you into not eating those biscuits! 2) Keep a food diary and stick to it - it will be hard yes. 3) You don't need to cut all the bad food out, just eat it in moderation. I lost over 6 stone and still ate out twice a week and everyday I ate chocolate or crisps, it's all about discipline not completely depriving yourself. 4) Swap fatty oils for frylight, and sugar for sweetner or nothing at all. 5) Keep taking photo's of yourself every month and compare them, this spurred me on from a size 26 to a 14!

christine pulford

Small plates Change your plate size to a smaller size. That way you can fool your brain to thinking you''ve got more than you have. And don't eat in front of the tv. X

Kate Huxstep

Eating healthy and a little exercise really is the best way to do it. Reduce the size of your portions. If you use smaller plates it psychologically makes you think you are having the same amount of food as normal. And finally my pet hate - do not drink diet fizzy drinks, I'm sure these actually make you put on weight.

Isabel Lindsay

JANE DALE-BEAUMONT can I please ask you where you got your coconut oil from? I started slimming world 3wks ago & I've lost 7lb! A miracle as I have an under active thyroid but I've been told coconut oil boosts the metabolism & that's what I need. Thanks Isabel


That's right Anne, too much exercise will slow weight loss as it will put your body into starvation mode! Everyday movement is the way to go. ;-)


I lost 26 kilos in 16 weeks, there are no tricks, just clean up what you eat and when you eat it. Its mostly a mindset change, get your head right and your body will follow. For me it was eat every 3 hours, more protein and less carbs, lots of water and movement (not exercise). Gosh it feels great now. ;-)

Eugene Ramirez

I am ecstatic! I just finished my first bottle of Surely Slim and I lost 15 pounds. I am very happy. I feel great - energized, and absolutely excited about this supplement. I never thought I would/could see these kind of results!

Leanne B

Make sure that you have healthy snacks in the fridge. That way if you are feeling peckish you are more likely to go for something low fat. It doesn't have to be fruit or veg sticks, low fat yogurts are filling & are perfect when you crave something sweet x x


Eat healthily and drink lots of water. Sometimes you are just thirsty and don't need to be reaching for everything in the fridge. Still allow yourself some treats as depriving yourself just won't work in the long run.

Jen Russon

this is me now!

Jen Russon

I've lost 7st by walking! I started walking a bit each day, gradually increasing each week. Not only did it make me feel good, it helped shift the lbs! I found out I had inherited my dads heart condition, and I knew I had to change. I also swapped meat for quorn, full fat milk for skimmed. I was a size 26, and now I'm a 14.

Jessica Cook

I think wanting to be thin and visualising a thinner you is important, I had to feel really ready to embark on the world of dieting to be ready. Don't be too hard on yourself, the more pressure you put on yourself the easier it is to fail. Make small changes and before you know it the wait will start to fall off. Use skimmed instead of semi skimmed milk. Eat 1 biscuit instead of 2 or 3. Walk more, laugh more and be happy. Dont let the diet rule you, experiment with cooking get friends and family involved and make it fun

Jennie Silver

I find soup is a great way to stop yourself from having too many snacks and eating too late in the evening add on the pounds. I find pasta and bread bloats me out these days so I'l be cutting back on them from now on.

Jo Ruth Turner

Drink lots of water and, for something special, go for sparkling water with a slice of lemon in it. It tastes great and feels that bit more luxurious but without all the nasties that diet versions of your favourite fizzy drinks contain.


Soup is my saving grace as the weather gets it every day for lunch and always fills me up for the day and stops me snacking...

Angela M

Make sure you have friends or family members who will totally support and understand the dietary changes you are making. Particularly important for those family birthdays or meals out, when yes you can still eat healthy and have a good time. Angela


Drink plenty of water, replace your oils and fats with organic coconut oil, (its incredibly good for you) cut out processed foods, avoid white sugar, eat plenty of fruit veg and meat, eggs for breakfast is a good start to the day, it helps you lose weight, but, a little bit of what you fancy does you good.

Heather Playdon

Drink lots of water, walk instead of taking the bus out of habit, dance whenever you can and smile throughout. If you're happy, you're more likely to do it and feel good from the start!


one tip that works for me is the use of distraction therapy when I feel hungry or want something unhealthy to eat.....I find something that keeps me busy so I forget to be naughty :-)

Zoe Goodwin

Build exercise into your day - take the stairs. Take healthy snacks with you when out to avoid temptation. Don't pick at the kids dinner...

R Major

Walking is great to increase amount I exercise easily, plus it a great way to clear your mind and unwind.

Marianne Hill

The important thing is to make healthy living a habit, rather than just a phase for a quick fix. Make healthy eating part of your daily life as well as exercise. Make a regular time to do exercise so you don't make excuses for missing it. I run every evening once the children have gone to bed and even though it was difficult initially it's now part of my daily routine and I feel bad if I don't do it. Same with eating, of course you can have the odd treat but make healthy eating a daily habit too until it becomes an entrenched part of your routine. Getting into healthy habits and sticking to them is the way to lose weight gradually and permanently.

Angela Christian

Quick fixes don't work. Eat less, move more and it will happen. Even a 1/2lb loss each week over a year is 26 lbs!

Sarah Rydel

There is definitely no quick fix and you have to work at it. You can't diet, you have to change the way you eat. Exercising is great, though I've been ill and unable to exercise for nearly a year. The best thing I've found is sensible/healthy foods that are balanced nutritionally, a bit of calorie counting, and just being aware of what I'm putting in my mouth.

Elizabeth Tranter

Since watching and becoming addicted to watching team GB in the Veledrome last year, I bought myself a bike and have been riding around the beautiful roads of Exmoor where I live in Somerset since. I've shed 2 stone and have never felt better! It's completely changed my life, not only due to the weight loss but has filled me with a huge bundle of positivity and a zest for life :) Exercise is the key, along with a good well balanced diet :)


Its all about eating in moderation, drinking plenty of water and exercise, simples really

FionaLynne Edwards

Don't rush it - the quicker it comes off, the quicker it goes back on again! Drink plenty of water, particularly before eating a meal.


Walk, Walk and walk some more! Lunch time, evening, morning! I try to fit in a hourly walk every day, easy to do it in my lunch break.

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