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To be 55kg at 181 cm would make you very underweight. Don't put your health and well being at risk.


i think i,d be having a chat with him about it as the more pressure you have trying to lose weight the more you,ll fail cos your stress level will be up if he doesnt love you as you are then why are you with him cos you should be able to be confortable with your partner whatever shape or weight....i,ll say good luck making your husband happy while your miserable


hi OH MY GOD i came to England and I've put on 15 kg i was 55kg 181cm and i went to 70 and now i lost 8 kg and i have another 7kg to lose but am finding hard my partner is really upset about it because he hates average weight his only interested in really slim woman hlep? how to lose the few kg left

Daisy  Morrow

i also use Dry fry when im cooking, because i dont like fattening oil

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