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Carrie Mckay

Hillary duff, she dam well does have make-up on, you clearly can see that she . Has eye make-up on, nude lip stick and base, pictures like that are so wrong, are you trying to women feel bad?


Weird how the so called worlds most beautiful have the worst skin and look worse without makeup but many others look fantastic without makeup.


Especially for her age.


Its weird how often many ladies look much more attractive and fresh without makeup, but others look like their skin has been suffocating under makeup their whole lives - a la Kim Kardashian and Mila whatshername. They look much much better with makeup as they have awful skin naturally but their features are beautiful and enhanced by makeup.

Sheila Mitchell

This post is rubbish, some are genuine, but not all of them. Cheryl is wearing mascara and eyeliner at the very least on picture 8.

Sheila Mitchell

Hilary duff ,is definitely wearing make up.

I don't beeeleeeeve it

No. 5 Katie Price with no make up, yeah right.


So true,as long as you can smile,she looks fine,no how she feels,I can't wear any either and I have a port wine stain right down the middle and right of my face,my skin around my eyes are e trembly sore due to eye eczema and the laser surgery for my birthmark tends to make it flare up,used to hide away when younger but now go out,won't go to the city though on my own.hope your eyes get better soon Coleen.


Claudia looks so much better than she does with all that black eyeliner. give the eyeliner a rest, Claudia. Please?


Fern looks lovely, she doesn't need any make-up x


beyonce shes just natural she does not need make up


Wow, 44, no make-up and still far more gorgeous than I could ever achieve!

melanie crumpton

Fearne cotton looks lovely without any makeup... very natural

Lynsey ward

Jennifer Aniston.. Just as stunning

Jacqueline Fawcett

It has to be Jennifer Aniston for me. She looks absolutely stunning without makeup! I'm sooo jealous. Haha. :P xx

Jessica Cook

Jennifer anniston for me is a natural beauty and without make up she looks just as stunning


Beyonce for me. Her features look so good without make-up so much so that I think she even looks better without the slap.

Noelle Burke

For me it has to be Jennifer Lopez, she has such a lovely tone to her skin, and can pull off the Natural Look flawlessly, less is more


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