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Maxine Rose Lewis

Rihanna black is beautiful !!!

Elizabeth Tranter

Most of the time women in the public eye always look the image of perfection, we never have the opportunity to see them just like you and I, stripped from the makeup and the glam. This is wonderful and it just goes to show sometimes simple can be beautiful. Great article :)

Heather Playdon

They all look fab and good on them but for me it is has to be Arlene Phillips. She looks more like 50 than 70!

Christine Caple

Arlene Phillips looks amazing for 70!

Marianne Hill

Sheridan Smith looks great as she seems really relaxed and comfortable with being make up free. She is glowing with health and happiness.

Rachael Woodhouse

Abbey Clancy looks lovely.


Wow Arlene Philips looks great, I hope I look that good at 70!


I think they all look lovey with or without makeup. I think there is too much pressure on women these days to look flawless all the time.

FionaLynne Edwards

Arlene Philips - oh wow - I can;'t believe she's 70! She looks truly amazing.

liz denial

Sheridan Smith looks just as good without make up as with as she's naturally pretty

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston lovely flawless skin

Olivia Kirby

Caroline Flack looks gorgeous! Younger too!

Kelly PB

I prefer all those pictures of the girls when they are not under professional lighting because its STILL not a natural look. Take a pic with a normal camera like the pic of Kelly Brook or Catherine Zeta and then you can see their REAL selves. Much nicer. People should not give them a hard time for looking a bit rough. Jesus if all our partners cared we would all be single!!!!


Pretty good, no anti wrinkle cream needed x

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