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Hospital ER Employee

Your photos show the abdomen, not the stomach area. The stomach is just at and below the rib cage, and pain or problems there may have different causes than abdominal problems (although they may be related). Please use accurate English words. The misuse of "stomach" (i.e. should be abdomen per your photos) damages your credibility. Causes of a bloated, hard STOMACH made include delayed stomach emptying, gastroparesis, etc. Please, if this is very painful, go to an urgent care, if not, go to your doctor.


The photo of an obvious model with no bloated stomach, but great figure put me off this website. However as I am suffering with bloating, I will carry on.


Why are you showing women with the flattest tummies please? Bloating can be a real problem. And none of your models show any signs of a bloated tummy whatsoever! Totally unrealistic images. So not really helpful.


Even women with tight abs feel bloating, its not only for bigger women...come on now...thats kind of rude.


Your information is confusing according to reason 2 of 16 it says to cut down on foods high in fiber and on reason 15 of 16 it says to avoid this we should get more fiber into or diet. So is it one or the other


is there any relevance with ovarian cancer


y is it that even an article about bloating has a pic of a woman with tight abs and no visible boating ??? ppl be real

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