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Andrea Roberts

I juice organic oranges, organic Grapefruits, organic lemons and mix with mineral water for my kids. They drink a glass of it everyday, through the pollen season, before they leave the house and that works for them.


Nope, just funny chemicals, honey. Only disturbance in your brain leads to mental illness (cause you know ''mental'' illness). Your brain and your immune system aren't that closely related, in this matter.

Shelby Osmond

My friend has gone from 3 x 1 a day tablets (cetirizine and loratadine) between February and October to minimal medication by having 3 cups of Peppermint Tea a day. Appreciate it won't work for everyone but it was a miracle cure for him so I'm just trying that!

Mahesh Gurung

I live in Texas Dallas fort worth are i have hay fever almost all year round i take almost every day Alegra regular some times it works some times it dont.

Fay Brit

i have used humidifier or aroma diffuser like the one ion138 and i put chamomile oil on it for relief of coughing and nasal area when trigger attacks. , chamomile tea is also great idea when i feel like my eyes are bulging and swollen...


Pls change your washing detergent, softener, and use fragrance free shower gel, that really helps, my own experience.

Wes Irvine

Check your nasal spray. Most are preserved with Mercury or sodium benzoate. Both are known causes of mental illness.

Emma M Millward

My son who's nearly 13 has been taking 3 one a day citerizine 10mg,,, he uses eye drops & beconaise nasal spray,,, he's really struggling,, i was his school uniform every night & he has a shower as soon as he gets in from school,, there's a 4 day wait for a Dr's appointment, Our pharmasist has recommended we ask the dr for 30mg Telfast tablets he also has a tea spoon of local honey & someone has also suggested goats milk from within a 5 mile radius of home Any other suggestions


my wife i buys Forever Living Aloevera products and bee pollen tablets is one item they sell.. About £11 for 100. I have just started taking them and so far so good. I normally take ona day Loratadine but by 6pm I need Beconaise..


Hayfever is notoriously bad in England, dry weather does not make a difference, in fact I suffer worst when the rain comes - depends on the type of pollen worst for you. Maybe you have more of a dust allergy?


if your eyes itch, use opticrom eye drops. they take about 2 days to start working, but once they do its relief right away

† KiNg FLuBBeR †

Yeah but then you become dependent on it because it uses steroids, hence why you need it prescribed... If I were you, I would get off it ASAP if you haven't already. When your body becomes dependent on it, you will have a blocked nose forever and will only find relief using a nose spray - my cousin, bless her soul, is stuck on steroid nose spray for life since her body became dependent after using it so much. They really should warn people better about it, I think there is a warning on the bottle, but hey, I guess they want your money.


I've been taking loradatines for hayfever and they have stopped working. Any natural ways of preventing hey fever? I'm allergic rape seed and every farmer in the area grows the stuff!!


Where do you get those my poor daughter who has special needs is blighted with hayfever every year with no relief except for kenalog inj which our gp doesnt advocate

Bee BFG - Stoneygate Gardens

We produce local English Pure Natural Raw Honey. We have had good comments from our local customers. Please see our Facebook page for more.


if you live in England then you are lucky,in Melbourne Australia it is dry and humid,hayfever can get very bad here,i have tried everything from pills to needles and nothing seems to work.

Jawwad Ahmed

local honey bee, is more effective although Banadryal plus capsuls are quiet effective too. My advice is take the medicine sooner before it start

Jawwad Ahmed

have you tried banadryal plus capsuls.


I've found it works when eating raw parsley with it but everyone's different


I vs found raw parsley works and sometime adding chamomile tea to it also helps the parsley tastes horrendous raw like eating flowers but it works :)


Btw I only said not sure where everyone is because I know some countries the doctor situation is different to ours


Not sure where everyone is from but Im in England.. Suffer with hayfever really badly, So bad my chest tightens and I get wheezy. I advise you go to the doctor and just say nothing is working and say you have tried everything (even if you haven't) I got prescribed nose spray - low dosage. They said if it doesn't ease it then to go back and I'll get something stronger. But the nose spray is amazing.. Unblocks everything... Even seems to help with my chest which is odd.


my son has hay fever and nothing is working tried so many different things any suggestions


I find it weird that chamomile tea is recommended to hay fever sufferers, seeing that chamomile is in the ragweed family. I have had my throat constrict when drinking chamomile tea, due to an allergic reaction.


I used bee pollen tablets this year, and they work.

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