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if you live in England then you are lucky,in Melbourne Australia it is dry and humid,hayfever can get very bad here,i have tried everything from pills to needles and nothing seems to work.

Jawwad Ahmed

local honey bee, is more effective although Banadryal plus capsuls are quiet effective too. My advice is take the medicine sooner before it start

Jawwad Ahmed

have you tried banadryal plus capsuls.


I've found it works when eating raw parsley with it but everyone's different


I vs found raw parsley works and sometime adding chamomile tea to it also helps the parsley tastes horrendous raw like eating flowers but it works :)


Btw I only said not sure where everyone is because I know some countries the doctor situation is different to ours


Not sure where everyone is from but Im in England.. Suffer with hayfever really badly, So bad my chest tightens and I get wheezy. I advise you go to the doctor and just say nothing is working and say you have tried everything (even if you haven't) I got prescribed nose spray - low dosage. They said if it doesn't ease it then to go back and I'll get something stronger. But the nose spray is amazing.. Unblocks everything... Even seems to help with my chest which is odd.


my son has hay fever and nothing is working tried so many different things any suggestions


I find it weird that chamomile tea is recommended to hay fever sufferers, seeing that chamomile is in the ragweed family. I have had my throat constrict when drinking chamomile tea, due to an allergic reaction.


I used bee pollen tablets this year, and they work.

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