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I started getting grey hair when I was 15. Then at 17-18, the grey hair was gone! It was due to vitamins in diet and usage of harsh shampoo. Now I am 32 and I only have 5 to 6 grey hair... Most people at my age have way more grey hair than me.


Also.. Running a lot depletes our magnesium stores and this can lead to premature greying.. My greys really kicked in when I trained for a marathon and I didn't read that particular advice until it was too late.. now I make sure I take a magnesium supplement if I am doing lots of training/exercising. On top of eating as healthy as I can etc.


My hair is still predominately brown, I celebrate my 75th birthday next week. Honey is the answer, I have it daily on my breakfast cereal and have for decades. My younger brothers are both grey. The other factor is being born in the 1930's after all look at Joan Collins


My hair is still predominately brown, I celebrate my 75th birthday next week. I believe honey is the answer, I take it every day and have for many years.


Perhaps with the exception of smoking and stress that might cause you to go grey a little earlier, there is no proven link between eating a good diet and going grey later. It's genetically determined. Be very careful with Chinese herbal remedies - they can make you seriously ill. If you are that concerned, visit a hair salon and ask if they can make up a dye to match your natural hair colour.


Some interesting tips not so sure about the high protein etc. especially with dangers of vLDL and hypertetension but if all else fails then shave it off and go commando (on top!)


I love gray hair hair..i love this site..


How do I go grey naturally, that is the Question.... I have been researching just about every website and all I can find y is the explanation of going grey, thanks that I know...but how do I get my body to lower my melanin produce and also how the heck to I let my body start producing natural hydrogen pyroxide. I've been born and blessed with pitch black hair, tried coloring it once but came out greenish (this was done at a professional hair salon). Help please, I want to be grey


My life bring up more challenging situations while the grey hair started to be clalr at age of 23, It does affect your appearence especially dealing with women. I did try color a few times, but I didnt feel good about cheating on my reality. I end up accepting myself as I look. It turns that people look at your confidence on yourself while you are turning gray, and find you interesting. But there is old school that is ashamed of the gray especially people from oriental background. They do not find you attractive with it at all. But who cares!

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Good to know that you have share to us your ideas on the different way ways to prevent a grey hair looks. Even if it's genetics, it can be still prevented by using the advance method to avoid this things.


I think it's genetic, nothing to worry about!

Jolene goodtoknow Editor

I read this article on Friday and then found my first grey hair over the weekend... I hope the two aren't connected!


I went a little grey before I was 30, I used to get stressed really easily with work. Since giving up work to have the kids I try to de-stress more it seems to have worked. Some tips that I didn't know about are in there though and I will try anything!


HI Bro, My name is Srikanth. I am also having same problem what you had faced earlier. Please please suggest me. My Number is 8019733998 ( INDIA ) Andhra Pradesh. This is my whats up number. Please message me the secret. Now my age also 32.Grey hair was starting at my age of 15. Please suggest me bro...


Will it work really

Angela Miller

After years of trying, I was finally able to reverse my gray hair using WWW.NOMOREGRAY.INFO - I feel like I have my youth and confidence back. My hair specialist is even about to try it now! So glad I heard about it... you don't have to live with gray hair if you don't want to!

Roki Roki

I've seen that with my hair too. I reduced milk, ketchup, mayonese and processed meat and then it happened that weird thing with few gray hair. Also I started to take a teaspoon of coconout oil every few days.


I used to pull out my grey hairs until my late 20s. Believe it or not but I swear that I remembered that sometimes few of those pulled out hairs were half grey, half black (my natural colour). Grey at the top and black at the bottom. As hair grows from the roots, those particular hairs must have had turned natural again. Anyway, I did not find out why and it happened very rarely. Did anyone experience the same?


Tip 13. How do you get a hit of vitamin D from the sun if you are covered in sunscreen ? It won't work.


the secrect is when i stop eating and drinking theses offending foods my hair becomes straight and darker. "don't eat strong and or acidic foods and drinks" which will "corrode your stomach" and digestive track preventing nutrients from healthy foods from being absorbed and you will absorb nutrients better from foods to healthy colorful hair, even some salad are too harsh for the stomach that it will corode your stomach, test foods in your mouth if it taste too strong or too strong for your thought then avoid that food, when i drink ans eat strong acidic fruits and strong foods my hair shrinks and curls and go gray, you dont need any medicine and avoid dairy


don't eat strong and or acidic foods and drinks which will corrode your stomach and digestive track preventing nutrients from healthy foods from being absorbed and you will absorb nutrients better from foods to healthy colorful hair, even some salad are too harsh for the stomach that it will corode your stomach, test foods in your mouth if it taste too strong or too strong for your thought then avoid that food

Julian Ejelukpe

what is


Any one please help me how to control hair being gray?? I am just 19 but my hair is being gray rapidly.

Trudi Robinson

Become president for one term. Seems to work for all US presidents. Lol


i m 18 years old and day by day my hairs are turning grey .can you tell me any remedy?


Helo my name is age 20 & i have alots of white hair..please tell me how can remove it ..please help me


Hi. Just wondering if you use Manuka honey or just local supermarket honey? Also do you use it as a hair musk? Thanks for your advice :)

Danielle Woodard

yes you should love grey hair because having grey hair is unquie to all mankind that means people.

Danielle Woodard

i think having grey hair is the most beautiful things to have with in this world. have grey hair is once in a life time for all people through out genetrations. having grey is the crown of your glory.

fighting grey

I am 60 and fighting grey. Grey hair has been reported to be caused by free oxygen radicals destroying melanin in the hair. So taking antioxidants is a great help at keeping grey at bay. A good source is vitamin C. I drink orange juice on a regular basis and believe me it helps. I have a picture of one of my grey hairs I have pulled out with a dark root, so it is reversible, and always when I stop drinking orange juice the grey increases.

KAI 63

Actually grey hair caused by lack of vitamins or certain problems with thyroid or pituitary glands is reversible.


Network cables are rich in copper...

sparky star

When your hair is grey it cannot turn to normal again so i wonder how at the age of 17 there were no gray hair


Thanks for that! My Grandma had a skunk strip by the time she was 25, so did my mom and my older sister. I'm 23 now and I already have a couple dozen showing up. Genetics!


Calm yourself! It isn't really a stupid claim! If your granny turned grey young, and her mother and your mother did also, chances are that you probably will too! Genetics! Idiot!

Prashant Agarwal

Premature grey hair can be prevented by egg Oil. Massage your scalp twice a week with egg oil (eyova) and leave it on overnight. Egg oil contains anti-oxidant xanthophylls like lutein and zeaxanthin which arrest premature aging (graying) of hair and even reverses early stage grey hair.

Simeon James

Some sources say melanocytes eventually stop producing melanin, the substance that gives the hair its black colour. As you age this happens. Also, they say that premature graying may be caused by Thyroid problems or hormonal problems. They recommend eating foods containing Vitamin B12, iron, copper and iodine. This can help prevent premature graying.


You must have scientific test done to back this stupid claim you just made!!

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